Dolby Atmos-enabled CMP Studio Tackles Immersive Mixing With NUGEN Audio

Brand’s Halo Upmix Plug-in Proves Essential for the Studio’s Award-winning Owner

MOUNT MAUNGANUI, NZ, MARCH 26, 2024 ― Like many in the industry, Multi-platinum, Award-winning Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Songwriter and Musician Clint Murphy’s latest work has been consumed by Dolby Atmos projects. This pushed him to relocate back to his native New Zealand, where he opened CMP Studios, the country’s first and only Dolby Atmos mixing studio. Some of his most recent immersive projects include mixing rock band Enter Shikari’s critically acclaimed album “Nothing is True & Everything is Possible,” as well as creating immersive mixes for British band Two Year Break and New Zealand musician Hina.

Murphy discovered NUGEN Audio’s Halo Upmix plug-in at the beginning of his Dolby Atmos journey, and never looked back. “It’s an essential tool for my Dolby Atmos mixing, and I would be lost without it,” he says. “I use it on every single immersive mix. It has such an easy way of making things fit without having to utilize reverbs, delays or other panning techniques. The way it folds down into various formats is really ideal. Everything about it makes my workflow quick and painless. It also sounds fantastic.”

In addition to Halo Upmix, Murphy also utilizes NUGEN’s Aligner and AB Assist plug-ins. “I often use Aligner when I receive home recordings, especially those with multiple mics and guitar cabinets,” he explains. “While it’s not something I use on every mix, I immediately deploy Aligner whenever I know something is wrong with the phase. It’s so quick and easy to just correct the problem without interrupting my workflow – Aligner is a great utility tool to have at my disposal.”

Similarly, AB Assist has been a valuable solution to Murphy in instances when he must compare old mixes to new ones. “Sometimes, I’ll have an artist that will record a single every few months,” he says.  “In those cases, I refer to my old mixes to make sure there’s consistency and flow between them. AB Assist really helps me to accomplish that quickly.”

Aside from mixing, Murphy has been spreading awareness of the benefits of Dolby Atmos. He recently conducted a one-day Atmos seminar in New Zealand, where NUGEN Audio played a pivotal role. “We have found that a lot of the big labels are still apprehensive about this format, so many of my fellow Atmos mixers and I have been working on getting more people to adopt Atmos,” adds Murphy. “I use my mixes at these seminars to highlight the benefits of Atmos, and people get to watch and listen. I include Halo Upmix as part of my presentations, and I explain how beneficial it can be for immersive mixing.”

Murphy says it is NUGEN’s uniqueness that makes the brand stand out from the crowd. “NUGEN solutions are all exceptional; the plug-ins are never replicas of others on the market,” he says. “The plug-ins give you the ability to manipulate audio and work with sound design in a way that others don’t.”

Murphy has achieved incredible success throughout his career, racking up hits in both the UK and internationally. Among his UK chart successes are recording and mixing English pop-punk band Busted’s “Half Way There,” which hit No. 2 on the UK Albums Chart, and mixing the hard rock album “Rip It Up” by Thunder, which claimed the No. 3 spot on the same chart. International successes include the multi award-winning album “Trees Dream in Algebra” by Code and Murphy’s work at home in New Zealand continually tops the charts, resulting in multiple recognitions as New Zealand Music Awards’ Engineer of the Year.

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