FutureVideo Boosts Multi-View HD Pro Software With GoPro HERO Camera Support

23 April 2024–Laguna Niguel, California. Multi-channel video pioneer, FutureVideo Products, Inc., announced today that its Multi-View HD Pro Multicam Player/Logger/Editor PC Software now incorporates key enhancements for GoPro HERO users.
Multi-View HD Pro was designed to organize, review, and evaluate up to 8 videos–synchronously–on one screen and can now be displayed on multiple monitors. Users with video recorded by GoPro HERO cameras can benefit from these capabilities.
FutureVideo engineers evolved Multi-View HD Pro to read GoPro time code embedded in its metadata, utilize the proxy files, and merge GoPro video file chapters into a single video. The software also creates sub-clips from the video in batch fashion. Users can quickly log, edit, and upload the video project to YouTube or two selectable FTP sites.
Multi-View HD Pro is based on advanced SQL database technology for project and media management. It supports H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) codecs and AVI, MOV, and MP4 file types.
According to FutureVideo’s Director of Business Development, Stephen Godfrey, “GoPro HERO users can now efficiently synchronize the content and create a video project from multiple clips and distribute it with ease. More importantly, Multi-View HD Pro provides an exceptional analytical platform to GoPro users. Viewed from multiple angles, points of interest in the video can be marked and notes logged about them. This opens the door to using GoPro HEROs in a range of applications where evaluating a performance, an event, a behavior, or a process is desired. Multi-View HD Pro is also capable of being used as a presentation system and a training tool. Resellers would find a bundle of several HERO cameras and Multi-View HD Pro to be an attractive proposition for their customer base.”
For timecode synchronization, HERO12’s standard firmware is compatible. HERO7 – HERO11 models will need an upgrade to GoPro Labs firmware. PCs with Intel Quad-core (i5-i7) @2.6 Ghz and Widnows 7/10/11 64 bit, 8-16GB RAM (or better) are suitable for use with Multi-View HD Pro.
FutureVideo provides multiple licenses for applications where collaborative workflow is necessary. USA suggested list price is $995.
Multi-View HD Pro Control Panel

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