Trinnov Audio Presents the Ovation

From DCI to 3D

The Ovation provides up to 24 outputs, going hand in hand with every DCI formats.

Trinnov’s acoustic fidelity algorithms go beyond the DCI specifications: they ensure that the high resolution audio stored on the server reaches the ears of the audience with the highest accuracy, without being distorted by the room’s acoustics.

Future oriented and looking towards 3D sound perspectives, the Ovation sound processor is a modular design, deeply rooted in digital technologies, while providing 35mm film support. The amount of output channels allows for bi, tri and quad amplification.

Work Integrity

Sound reproduction is integral to bringing the director and sound engineering team’s movie experience to life. Trinnov consistently insures the sound fulfills their intentions. Theater to theater.

By fitting the Optimizer technology into the Ovation processor, Trinnov compensates for the acoustic problems of the room architecture and immerses the audience into the heart of the audio experience intended by the director. Your theater customers will benefit from an advanced and recognized technology.

Acoustic Optimization

The Trinnov Optimizer technology provides unique measurement, calibration and operation tools not found in any other DCI cinema processor. Once you’ve experienced it, Ovation will become the essential calibration tool and screening system for your movie theaters.

Your venue is evaluated (with the existing audio system) to identify, through an efficient, accurate and advanced analysis procedure, the venue’s acoustic problems. Trinnov Optimizer provides an efficient, quick, scalable and easy-to-implement tool, which can bring your movie theater quickly to a maximum level of quality. By significantly enhancing the soundtrack of the movie and using the existing audio system to offer spectators a unique listening experience, you can maximize both your short and long term investment value.

Acknowledged during many previews, the Trinnov Optimizer technology seeks to serve the film and instantly computes the most appropriate filtering to achieve a predefined (X-Curve) or custom target curve allowing manual complementary fine-tuning.

With the Trinnov audio processor Ovation, digital cinemas can now provide the most amazing sound experience that reaches beyond movie goers expectations in today’s competitive entertainment world: that’s Ovation.

Trinnov Audio will be exhibiting at the upcoming IBC2013, September 12 – 17, RAI Amsterdam. Drop by the Trinnov Audio stand # 8.C35.