Yamaha’s VSP-2 Speech Privacy System Now Shipping to US and Canada

Available for Immediate Shipping, Innovative Micro Speakers and Control Unit Mask Private Conversations at Much Lower Sound Levels, Deliver More Comfortable Results

SUDBURY, Mass. — March 22, 2022 — Yamaha Unified Communications today announced its all-new VSP-2 Speech Privacy System is in stock and available for immediate shipping to the United States and Canada. The VSP-CU2 control unit features user-selectable sound types and volume levels and it supports two, four, or eight VSP-SP2 speakers. The unique sound masking system can be installed quickly into any space to ensure conversations are kept confidential.

“As more employees return to the office, there is a greater need to mask private conversations in public spaces, but it can’t come at a cost to those working nearby,” said Holger Stoltze, Senior Director of Technical Sales and Marketing at Yamaha Unified Communications. “We approached the increasing need for speech privacy differently. The VSP-2 produces masking audio that’s comfortable and private with 65% better performance at much lower sound levels, and it can be installed without hours spent working behind walls or in the plenum. This system is in stock and shipping.”

Yamaha’s VSP-2 Speech Privacy System prevents information leakage without emitting distracting sound masking audio, creating an environment that makes it easy to converse in almost any office meeting space. The unique system layers in three key features for optimal sound masking: high-performance Info-Masking Technology, which is developed to mask the human voice in unwanted areas with a sound level that’s 8 dB lower than conventional systems; environmental audio with four audio options that is mixed to the speech sound masker; as well as four types of sound effects that are added to unobtrusively distract others from hearing private conversations. The control unit allows users to power the system on and off, select their preferred sound effect (guitar, piano, music box, or digital device) and environmental sound (forest, brook, urban clatter, or air conditioner), and set the performance and volume level for a personalized room environment.

The system can be installed around huddle spaces, in open conversation areas, and in front of and between small to medium rooms. For installation, the discreet and lightweight speakers are simply mounted to the ceiling or wall with the included hardware and speaker cable (non-plenum rated). Furthering the ease of installation and setup, the back of the control unit features a speaker switch (2, 4, or 8) and four EQ options based on the configuration of the speakers. More information on the VSP-2 Speech Privacy System can be found here.

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