SipRadius demonstrates unprecedented, uncompromised IP transport at NAB Show 2024

SipRadius will show its transformative approach to IP content transport at NAB Show 2024 (as a FOR-A platform powered by SipRadius). The SipRadius software solution, already proven in use by major broadcasters, provides high quality, very secure and ultra-low latency processing and delivery. 

“The pace of technological change has transformed the media industry very quickly,” said Sergio Ammirata Ph.D., founder and chief scientist at SipRadius. “Remote production has moved from science project to everyday reality, and our ability to deliver multiple very high quality AV1 streams with negligible latency and high levels of protection is unprecedented.” 

SipRadius has built an entire eco-system around open standards. Ammirata was one of the key architects of RIST (reliable internet stream transport) and the author of the libRIST library of implementation routines. Using this architecture allows SipRadius to transport widely used formats like ffmpeg, VLC and OBS, as well as the emerging IPMX standard. 

The software can run on COTS hardware and on appliances developed by SipRadius. The company has also collaborated closely with FOR-A to develop SOAR-A Powered by SipRadius, a flexible and powerful video processing and delivery platform. 

The architecture supports the world’s first implementation of real-time AV1 over WebRTC, for optimized high quality playback on any device. The NAB demonstrations will show JPEG-XS streams and AV1 production encoding in ultra-low latency applications. It will also focus on the military-grade security and encryption which is embedded in the technology. 

“Alongside the rapid growth in remote production, content owners and distributors are also looking for ways of delivering content to users around the globe: for collaboration, for sign-off, for sales and more,” Ammirata explained. “Using the open standards and routines baked into our software, such users can quickly build virtual CDNs which dynamically reconfigure to match the load from moment to moment.” 

In a system currently used by a major US broadcaster, SipRadius uses RIST along with SRP (secure remote password). Using technology to dynamically create a distribution network without decoding and re-encoding, the system achieves less than 300ms latency anywhere in North America, with zero possibility of the content being intercepted at any point. 

NAB Show will see a comprehensive demonstration of the capabilities of the SipRadius environment, on the FOR-A booth, C4507. More information on SipRadius solutions can be found at