nxtedition Revolutionises Media Production with its ‘Story-first’ Scripting and Production Platform

Innovators in microservices-based production environments, nxtedition is set to unveil its latest storytelling innovations at NAB 2024. Visit us at booth SU2057 to experience firsthand how nxtedition is transforming media production, powering journalists and creatives to get the news out fast and first. 

nxtedition’s easy to learn ‘single window’ scripting and production platform reduces friction and increases productivity. Thanks to its story-first approach users can get news out up to 6 minutes faster than rival organisations using more traditional solutions, and its fully integrated architecture makes every seat in the house more efficient, not just those in the gallery.  

At the core of nxtedition’s platform is a commitment to ease of use and flexibility, seamlessly integrating powerful tools in a user-friendly environment. The integration of OpenAI’s advanced technologies, including the Whisper speech recognition system, enhances the platform’s capability to rapidly and accurately transcribe media in multiple languages. This feature lays the foundation for productivity-boosting functionalities such as free text searches, automated subtitle generation, metadata creation, and effective storyboarding. 

The latest update, nxtedition version 22, not only incorporates the newest large-model version of Whisper but also brings substantial advancements across the entire news and production cycle. The platform’s open architecture facilitates effortless integration with third-party software. This includes a new plug-in for Da Vinci Resolve editing, streamlining the import and export process between systems. 

Additional productivity enhancements include the automatic addition of thumbnails to rundowns for quick visual story organisation, improved editing and production capabilities at the story level, automatic extraction and incorporation of GPS coordinates from EXIF data into metadata, and space management. 

Adam Leah, Creative Director at nxtedition, emphasises the company’s mission: “Our primary aim has always been to simplify storytelling. We’re dedicated to empowering journalists, editors, and producers to excel in their roles, supported by technology that’s both intuitive and helpful. The integration of AI is carefully balanced, enhancing productivity without intruding on creative processes or editorial integrity.” 

nxtedition’s solutions are already a staple in newsrooms worldwide, offering a complete, powerful, and intuitive environment for story compilation, authoring, archiving, and delivery. The versatility of the platform extends beyond traditional newsrooms, proving invaluable for dynamic storytelling in sports broadcasting, enriching content creation for houses of worship, and enhancing the production of live events. While the platform is comprehensive, it remains open to additional tools from leading vendors, allowing for tailored enhancements as needed. 

Discover the simplicity and power of nxtedition at our booth. Experience live demonstrations, explore AI plug-in capabilities, and discuss how our software solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Visit us at booth SU2057 or learn more at nxtedition.com.