Marketron Launches NXT Platform Upgrade and Custom Solutions Desk to Help Broadcasters Better Fulfill Advertisers’ Needs

HAILEY, Idaho — Aug. 22, 2022 — Marketron, the broadcast industry’s leading technology provider for more scalable, predictable, and reliable revenue, today announced the release of two new advertising tactics that further empower broadcasters to serve their advertisers’ digital needs and increase their return on ad spending. For Marketron NXT clients, the comprehensive digital advertising platform now includes a search engine marketing (SEM) upgrade that optimizes ad spend to drive conversions via clicks and calls.

Additionally, Marketron’s customers can now take advantage of the Custom Solutions Desk, an approach that empowers media companies, broadcasters, and marketing agencies to expand their cross-channel advertising strategies to include niche digital partners and tactics without the time and expense of establishing their own partner relationships.

These new offerings allow advertisers to promote products and services intelligently across all stages of the buying funnel, from awareness and consideration to a measurable conversion point using the correct mix of linear and digital advertising.

“In our commitment to helping companies strengthen their market leadership, Marketron continues to innovate and provide solutions that help broadcast and media professionals drive better revenue,” said Jim Howard, CEO at Marketron. “Marketron is the expert on third-party digital for the broadcast and media industry, and with these new tactics, we’re taking the ad ops out of the sales teams’ hands and into ours, saving them a lot of time, money, and headaches from trying to do it themselves.”

Built into Marketron NXT, the SEM tactic runs on a conversion-based optimization platform. After entering categorical and targeting information about the advertiser’s business, the platform takes over, building positive and negative keyword lists based on industry best practices for the advertiser’s vertical, as well as responsive text ads, which are Google’s new standard for all SEM campaigns. Overall, the SEM tactic adds to Marketron NXT’s strategic support for clients as they navigate linear and digital advertising, making it easier for sales teams to create, propose, and execute campaigns that include third-party digital tactics for their advertisers.

Available for all Pitch and Marketron NXT clients, Marketron’s Custom Solutions Desk helps broadcasters that are looking to expand their digital tactic options but need expert assistance on how to do so for their advertisers. The Custom Solutions Desk works with broadcasters to help them get directly in front of their target audiences, expand their digital offerings, and position themselves as digital leaders in an evolving marketplace. Broadcasters that are looking to solve for their advertisers’ unique audience needs can partner with Marketron to run ads on niche platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and TikTok via the Custom Solutions Desk.

The SEM tactic is available now on the Marketron NXT platform. Those who are interested in using the Custom Solutions Desk should speak with their client development manager about the opportunities or visit

More information about Marketron and the company’s products is available at

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About Marketron
Marketron empowers innovators in the broadcast and media industry to strengthen their market leadership by delivering more scalable, predictable, and reliable revenue. With Marketron’s products and services, users can successfully propose, price, and execute multimedia advertising campaigns across all revenue streams including television, radio, O&O, and digital media. With 50 years of industry leadership, Marketron serves more than 6,000 media organizations globally and manages $5 billion in annual U.S. advertising revenue representing more than 1 million advertisers. Marketron is owned by Diversis Capital. More information is available at

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