Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 – Scales of Efficiency

Cinegy, the premier provider of software defined television technology for digital video capture, processing, asset management, and playout, has announced the latest version of its Cinegy Multiviewer product. 

Cinegy Multiviewer is used by most leading broadcasters around the globe, by the PRO AV community and in recent years increasingly by enterprise and government customers. Cinegy stands by its claim that its Multiviewer is the most scalable and flexible monitoring solution.  

A single Cinegy Multiviewer instance can monitor, analyse, and display hundreds of incoming feeds on one or multiple screens and optionally also to stream the output in a range of IP streaming formats. Supported input formats range from traditional SDI and DVB/ATSC transport streams to now common IP formats such as NDI, SRT, and SMPTE 2110. 

Cinegy’s constant efforts to optimize the performance of Multiviewer by focusing features such as GPU acceleration capabilities, helps reduce server CPU load and increases scalability. This continues to increase efficiency, maximizes hardware performance while saving energy and protecting investment, making the whole solution more sustainable. 

Cinegy Multiviewer has offered excellent GPU acceleration using NVIDIA GPUs for many years. Now by request of many customers with version 24.2 of Cinegy Multiviewer AMD GPU acceleration is supported as is the mixed use of NVIDIA and AMD GPUs in one system. Especially in the light of the constrained availability of certain GPU cards thanks to the continuing AI boom, this provides customers with additional options. 

Cinegy Multiviewer is a widely used solution for professional NDI monitoring. NDI sources are not always broadcast standard signals. To address the challenges posed by non-standard NDI feeds and to deliver a smooth and efficient monitoring experience, Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 now offers an NDI source tolerance mode to easily integrate these types of sources as well.  

The Remote Control API within Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 has also been significantly enhanced, with a particular focus placed on layout manipulation to allow users to navigate their monitoring workflows more precisely. Another exciting addition is the WebSocket Preview feature that permits users to preview streams (or entire Multiviewer screens) with very low-latency directly within a web browser on any internet connection without the need for additional plug-ins and software. 

Enabling more efficient resource allocation, improved performance, and greater control over GPU resources, maximizing GPU acceleration – all benefits of version 24.2. Automatic and accurate GPU identification and simple selection via drop-down menus helps simplify assigning resources and managing hardware setup. In the same simple way GPU resources can be assigned output stream encoding for remote stream delivery.  

Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 supports SMPTE 2110 devices as input sources e.g. using cards from partner vendors such as Deltacast, AJA and now also Blackmagic’s Decklink IP.  

“We have been at the forefront of software multiviewer innovation for decades and have combined the experience of our team and the feedback of our customers to fine tune and optimize every aspect of these much-anticipated Cinegy Multiviewer 24.2 features,” said Jan Weigner, managing director of Cinegy. “Our multiviewer is long established not only within the broadcast and content creation industries, and we are proud to keep delivering software solutions that allow people to maximize the power of their hardware and scale their workflows endlessly.” 

Catch up with the Cinegy team at booth SL6031 and comprehensive information on Cinegy technology can be found at and 


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