AMP VISUAL TV Expands OB Van Fleet Built on Riedel Technology

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Photo Caption: From left to right Franck Berger, Francois Valadoux, Rodolphe Pacaud.

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Photo Caption: From left to right Rodolphe Pacaud, Francois Valadoux, Franck Berger.

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Photo Caption: AMP VISUAL TV Expands OB Van Fleet Built on Riedel Technology

Along With Artist and Bolero Intercom Systems, MediorNet Real-Time Network Augments Flexibility, Scalability, and Resilience During Live Production

WUPPERTAL, Germany — Sept. 15, 2023 — Riedel Communications today announced that AMP VISUAL TV has completed yet another of its state-of-the-art OB vans, equipped with a Riedel MediorNet real-time media network and Riedel’s wired and wireless intercom systems, just in time for the Rugby World Cup in France. With the launch of Millenium Signature 19, AMP VISUAL TV continues the expansion of an OB van fleet that leverages Riedel technology to facilitate flexible interconnection between mobile production trucks and an agile, fully modular approach to any kind of live production.

“With Riedel’s MediorNet technology built into the DNA of our OB van fleet, we’ve been able to achieve amazing flexibility, scalability, and resilience. Our interconnectable Millenium and Millenium Signature fleet now allows us to reliably produce any event, both remote or on-site,” said François Valadoux, Executive Vice President and CTO at AMP VISUAL TV. “Completion of this new OB van is yet another step forward in a larger technological transformation — along with Riedel deployments in our media center and TV studios — that enables our business to leverage smart concepts and solutions to raise the bar both for live production and quality of service for our customers.”

The unique TDM/IP ST 2110 hybrid capability of MediorNet networks has proved extremely valuable in supporting a smooth and safe transition to IP, and its distributed nature enables numerous advantages for AMP VISUAL TV, including plug-and-play interconnection of different production vehicles or control rooms in a powerful and highly agile operational workflow. To support flexible communications, AMP VISUAL TV has employed the latest Artist-1024 node from Riedel, as well as the company’s game-changing SmartPanel series concept, where a user interface can be turned not only into a comms panel but also a control panel and an audio monitoring panel. Providing reliable, high-quality wireless communications, Riedel’s Bolero intercom system likewise plays a critical role in daily operations.

“Thanks to its roots, its own story, and its corporate culture, Riedel fully understands the technological challenges on the ground and manages to translate them into smart technologies aimed at serving live content coverage,” added Valadoux. “Riedel solutions are conceptualized, designed, and built to enable unique user experiences. The company itself has been a trusted technology partner for us over the years — part of our past success and a contributor to our ongoing transformation.”

AMP VISUAL TV’s implementation of Riedel technology extends beyond its OB vans, as the company’s Media Center and numerous TV studios rely on a redundant telecom backbone — also built on Riedel technology — around Paris. All of these resources will be vital as the company takes on some of the world’s largest, and most popular, sports competitions in the coming year.

“We’re proud to play a part in AMP VISUAL TV’s ongoing innovation — and its market leadership — in live production across Europe,” said Franck Berger, Regional Sales Director, Southern Europe, for Riedel Communications. “The company’s implementation of MediorNet throughout its growing fleet and across its fixed facilities is a showcase of the power, flexibility, and scalability enabled by distributed real-time hybrid networks.”

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Specializing in filming for TV, AMP VISUAL TV offers its services across the entire production chain for live programs or live filming and broadcasting. It boasts one of Europe’s largest fleets of OB vehicles (34) and flightcases (9) for outdoor broadcasting, as well as TV studios in the Paris area (26) including eight with fixed control rooms. AMP VISUAL TV is recognized as a pioneer in new technological applications such as 4K/HD OB vans, digital, RF, streaming, web servers, media centers, and remote production. It produces 18,000 hours of programs per year, notably for game shows, variety shows, entertainment shows, and news and lifestyle shows, and is particularly visible in live performances, special events, and sports, especially motor sports. AMP VISUAL TV has an annual turnover of 145 million euros. The company has a team of 550 permanent employees, with offices in Metz, Lyon, Toulouse, Paris, and Sables d’Olonne. Its headquarters are in France.

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