AccuWeather And Ambient Weather Partner On Hyperlocal Weather Data and Private Weather Station Networks For Local TV Stations

AccuWeather and Ambient Weather, a leader in modern weather station technology, have entered into in an exclusive partnership to offer superior real-time hyperlocal weather data and private weather station networks for local TV stations for the first time ever at NAB.

As part of the exclusive partnership, TV stations and their weather teams can now have access to the densest network of over 100,000 weather stations across the country through The WeatherShow Enhancer, AccuWeather’s unique interactive touchscreen system designed to turbocharge any TV station’s existing weather system. This extensive network of observation sites available only through AccuWeather provides street by street™ weather data with the greatest coverage of real-time, hyperlocal conditions – doubling, tripling, or even in some cases quadrupling the amount of weather stations in any DMA and filling in the geographical gaps between government and private sector weather stations to give on-air meteorologists and viewers an even clearer picture of real-time local weather variations.

“With AccuWeather’s WeatherShow Enhancer, TV stations no longer have to rely solely on a limited number of government weather sensors to show viewers the local weather conditions across their DMA,” said AccuWeather Founder and Executive Chairman Dr. Joel Myers. “Broadcast meteorologists can now access our huge network of Ambient Weather stations live on the air, allowing them to present superior local weather information with more real-time data, street by street, across their community.”

Another key element of AccuWeather’s new Ambient partnership for TV stations is the launch of the exclusive AccuWeather Ambient Weather Station product line – a landmark collaboration in the field of hyperlocal weather reporting. AccuWeather broadcast partners now have the ability to create their own private network of AccuWeather Ambient Weather Stations equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and cameras that can be installed in key locations throughout a DMA and even used on tripods by reporters in the field. The proprietary local weather data and webcam footage captured by this private network of weather stations can then be accessed directly in the WeatherShow Enhancer for live on-air use, giving local weather teams an exclusive and unique perspective on the variations in temperature, precipitation, wind, and other important weather conditions around their community that their competitors don’t have.

Ambient Weather stations are renowned for their precision engineering and innovative technology, and each model in the AccuWeather Ambient Weather Station product line is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and features that offer real-time weather data with unparalleled accuracy.

AccuWeather’s own meteorologists, multimedia journalists, and experts recently utilized AccuWeather Ambient Weather System stations during extended live coverage of the total solar eclipse – one of the biggest breaking weather news events of the year – on the AccuWeather Network and AccuWeather NOW streaming channel. These “Official Weather Stations of AccuWeather” were deployed by on-air talent in live remotes along the 115-mile path of totality that stretched from Texas to Maine to measure and highlight weather conditions impacted by the eclipse, including temperature drops and changes in wind speed and direction. In severe weather situations, these weather stations will be invaluable in helping to communicate extreme local conditions on the ground in affected areas.

“AccuWeather’s advanced WeatherShow Enhancer TV presentation system, combined with Ambient Weather’s reliable technology and extensive weather station network, offers broadcasters unparalleled access to hyperlocal weather insights down to the neighborhood level,” said Chuck Arkell, CEO of Nielsen-Kellerman, the parent company of Ambient Weather. “This strategic alignment guarantees that meteorologists will know the precise conditions for any DMA, painting a vibrant picture of viewers’ immediate surroundings, enhancing reporting capabilities, and enriching audience engagement.”

To see how AccuWeather’s WeatherShow Enhancer vastly improves access to hyperlocal weather data and live conditions on the ground in any DMA, or to see an example of the new AccuWeather Ambient Weather System weather stations for professional use, please visit the AccuWeather Booth SL5031 in South Hall at NAB.