Witbe to Highlight New AI Algorithm for Improved Automated Video Testing at IBC2023

At IBC2023, Witbe will showcase its powerful automated testing and proactive monitoring technology. On stand 5.D76, the company will demonstrate the benefits of its products and services to streaming and broadband video service providers looking to measure the true quality of experience (QoE) that their customers receive. Highlights in Amsterdam will include the company’s new Smart Navigate AI algorithm and enhanced Script Writer feature, which was recently added to Workbench, Witbe’s software for scripting and maintaining automated test scenarios. These powerful additions significantly reduce the time and effort required for scripting scenarios, allowing testing teams to work more productively and efficiently.

“Witbe is thrilled to be back at IBC, which is always a positive and forward-thinking gathering for our industry,” said Marie-Véronique Lacaze, president and co-founder of Witbe. “Pioneered by our growing Portugal office, which recently assisted in launching a major streaming service across Europe, our enhanced Script Writer and the new Smart Navigate AI-powered algorithm are both perfect examples of how Witbe’s powerful technology utilizes the latest advancements to increase productivity for our customers. They have already been implemented for several of our customers to great success, and I’m pleased we have the chance to introduce them to a new audience of video service providers at IBC.”

Witbe’s Smart Navigate algorithm uses machine learning to intelligently understand the menu layout and navigation of a streaming app or set-top box. This allows team members to zoom past scripting every single step of the navigation process and instead simply list which submenu or asset the test should select. Smart Navigate also automatically adapts scenarios to new menu OS updates, saving testers dozens of hours previously spent manually updating them.

Also streamlining the scenario setup process, the Script Writer feature innovates with set templates based on the customer’s specific use case for Witbe’s technology. It reduces scripting workload by automatically creating the test scenario, populating associated KPIs and testing contexts, simplifying the process of editing multiple elements at once, and creating a cleaner interface. Witbe’s enhanced Script Writer transparently guides teams through every step of the process, allowing test scenarios to be written faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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Photo Caption: Witbe’s new Smart Navigate algorithm streamlines the scripting process.

 Witbe Highlights at IBC2023 Will Include:

 New Monitoring Technology for FAST Channels

At IBC2023, Witbe will spotlight its new FAST channel monitoring technology, which identifies ad insertion issues. At the show, Witbe will demonstrate how its technology records common ad insertion issues such as buffering, blank slates, and black screens to measure the QoE that FAST viewers receive. The resulting data about ad performance is personalized in service reports from Smartgate, Witbe’s analytics software, alongside recorded impressions to verify with advertisers.

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Photo Caption: Witbe’s new technology monitors ad performance on FAST channels.

Test Voice Control on Android TV-Powered Devices

With more than 150 companies worldwide using Google’s Android TV OS to power their set-top boxes and OTT devices, monitoring app performance on any service is essential. Witbe’s specialized Android TV testing use case helps manufacturers measure their users’ QoE, monitor app performance across OS updates, and make sure their content is being properly indexed. At IBC2023 Witbe will also showcase how its technology can now verify that content is being indexed in the popular voice control function of Android TV OS – testing if customers can find and access their content any way they choose to search for it.

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Photo Caption: Witbe’s automated testing technology now supports voice control on real devices powered by Android TV OS.

Updated Features for Remote Device Access

Witbe’s Remote Eye Controller (REC) provides remote access to real testing devices. In Amsterdam, Witbe will highlight several recent updates to the REC focused on increasing ease of use. The new “request control” feature allows team members to easily swap access to remote testing devices, while an added “smart search” tab lets users take control of testing devices by searching for the city where the device is located. The web-based REC was also recently integrated with Smartgate to help operators confirm and respond to service performance alerts faster than ever before.

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Photo Caption: Witbe’s new built-in request control feature on remote device access

The Complete Testing Device Lineup

Witbe’s Witbox family of devices packs the company’s reliable automated testing and monitoring technology into a compact, accessible package that is simple to set up. At IBC2023, Witbe will have its complete Witbox lineup on display: WitboxOne®, the company’s flagship device for automated streaming video testing; Witbox, the most powerful testing device on the market; and WitboxNet, built specifically for web testing. Live demos on the show floor will focus on the testing capabilities of each Witbox when paired with the Witbe Software Suite.

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Photo Caption: Witbe’s compact and powerful WitboxOne® and Witbox

Company Overview:

Witbe (Euronext Growth – FR0013143872 – ALWIT) has been the leader in test automation and proactive monitoring technology for video services for over 20 years. Headquartered in Paris, with locations across the globe, the company makes hardware and software applications for video streaming providers that test the quality of experience their customers receive. Witbe is the only company on the market capable of testing any video service running on any device (including PCs, smartphones, STBs, and smart TVs) over any network (including fiber, 5G, and OTT).

Thanks to its revolutionary Witbox and a new version of its REC application, Witbe recently made its remote access technology accessible through all modern web browsers. The company is proud to have customers — including Comcast, Cox, Verizon, Peacock, and Orange— in more than 50 countries. More information and further updates are available at www.witbe.net.

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