TAMUZ Presents Generation 3 Monitors for Studio or Produktion

At IBC, alongside new developments, TAMUZ presents its third generation in the OSPREY, SPARROWHAWK and IMPERIAL EAGLE monitor series.

All the OSPREY G3 Series have two separated 3GSDI inputs. Each have an individual loop through with the exception of the smaller portable devices. In addition, DVI/HDMI and analogue inputs are provided. Through the Picture-in-Picture feature both SDI signals can be displayed side by side on the screen or overlayed on each other. All monitors in screen sizes of 7, 9 , 17, 18.5, 21.5, and 24 inches are equipped with selected color-intensive and wide viewing angle displays. From size 17 inches with full HD resolution 1920×1080 of course.

The user can select from a wide range of features to combine his individual monitor setup. Audio level meter for the SDI embedded signal (8 channels), Waveform (normal or full image width), Vectorscope, Histogram, False color, Zebra, Focus, Safe Area Marker, Timecode, UMD titles and as a special Pixel-Measurements are selectable. In particular, the latter Pixel-Measurement function complements this monitor line as a unique feature. Two in X and Y adjustable crosshairs can pick every single pixel of the digital signal to display the respective values for luminance and chrominance. Thus, for example in color correction suite, can be used as comparative measurement of original and amended signals.

The SPARROWHAWK G3 monitors series are now equipped with an “all-in ” interface for any kind of signal (analog, digital , computer, video). In order to reduce costs and weight, the hitherto customary protective glass and the calibration port are not equipped any more. The monitors are available in large screen sizes of 32 up to 82 inches and are primarily used in multi-viewer or digital signage applications. On the rear VESA compliant mounting bases help to install the monitors easily.

Is calibration and highest image quality the demand, then the monitors of the IMPERIAL EAGLE series are the right choice. TAMUZ continues to use selected qualified 24 and 32 inch TFT panel in the complex class-1 devices, which are sandwiched with a special backlighting system. The new G3 version also offers DVI/HDMI inputs in addition to the 3GSDI. The monitors accept signals until the resolution of 1920x1080p60. For interlaced formats the internal image processor can be set individually and also allows native representation of individual fields with suppression of the undesired image component ( Blackline insertion).

In order to ensure proper color representation, the IMPERIAL EAGLE monitors are calibrated at factory to comply the EBU default settings. Alternatively, users can load their own LUT or calibrate with an attached spectrometer. At the front a comprehensive HMI device is installed for user-friendly operation. Via TCP/IP network a web-based application allows full access to all settings and service menus.

In addition to the monitors TAMUZ shows at this year’s IBC also a digital receiver, the RD3-HD, which can be equipped with tuners for satellite, cable or terrestrial DVB. The devices are designed as 19″ 1RU rack mounting with front operation. The signal processing allows the native transfer to the output or scaling in other formats if demanded by users. Outputs are available as SDI, AES, and HDMI, but for control purposes also down-convert as an analog PAL and analog audio.

The reception of Pay-TV channels can be decoded by the two ConditionalAccess modules built-in. Smartcards of the most common secure encryption methods are accepted. The output signal of the digital ports can be enabled via the HDCP management, if necessary. In addition, the RD3-HD receiver can be equipped with an second Ethernet port that broadcast the received on-air signal as a IP stream. Redundant power supply and genlock is available as option.