SipRadius transforms contribution and remote production with live AV1 and JPEG-XS over transport streams

SipRadius has brought about a revolution in high quality video delivery by creating the world’s first practical live AV1 encoder. It has also implemented JPEG-XS encoding, with both delivered as MPEG-TS streams, making them ideal for contribution feeds, particularly in remote production applications. SipRadius is exhibiting at NAB Show 2024 with their UK Distributor, Hornets Tech at booth SL3086.  

AV1 is an extremely popular video codec, capable of the highest resolution. It is an open, royalty-free standard, and extremely resilient to frame loss and packet loss. As an asymmetric codec, though, it is seen as only appropriate for VoD as live encoding has been too processor intensive. 

SipRadius has now created a realtime AV1 encoder, in software to run on Intel GPUs. This hardware was chosen because Intel chips are relatively free from the current supply chain difficulties, so are readily obtained and cost-effective. It is the only AV1 live encoder currently available. 

SipRadius also defined and implemented the encapsulation of a live AV1 stream in the MPEG-TS specification. Using MPEG-TS means it fits seamlessly into existing architectures. The transport stream also preserves ancillary data like the realtime clock, allowing the solution to provide a complete remote link with low latency and very efficient bandwidth use. 

JPEG-XS was developed to provide visually transparent compression, with low latency and relatively modest computational complexity. It provides a high quality and practical alternative to SMPTE ST2110 in internal and remote connectivity for live production and signal delivery. 

There is a specification for JPEG-XS in MPEG-TS published by VSF, but until now no-one had successfully implemented the encapsulation. Now SipRadius has developed a software toolkit for encapsulation, with just one or two frames of latency, providing a reliable, affordable way of delivering high quality content from A to B. 

“High quality, high reliability video delivery over IP has grown somewhat at random, with different approaches, each with their own benefits, but no one solution to deliver what the industry really needs,” said Sergio Ammirata, Ph.D. founder and chief scientist at SipRadius. “We saw that there was a clear market need for uncompromised quality, low latency and practical transport. 

“MPEG-TS architectures and connectivity have been in place for decades, so it made complete sense to work within it,” he continued. “Our technical background and real in-depth knowledge allowed us to create a true, live AV1 encoder for practical hardware, and to develop encapsulations for our AV1 and JPEG-XS encoders for transport streaming.” 

“Not even the biggest broadcasters can contemplate the bandwidth demands of a full ST2110 architecture,” he concluded. “What we can provide is all the functionality and quality, at a tenth of the bandwidth, by implementing innovative approaches to proven standards. Lower bandwidth means reduced capital and operating costs, and greater resilience because even very long distance circuits are running comfortably within the bandwidth, not continually pushing the limits. This is revolutionary.” 

Find out more about the AV1 and JPEG-XS encoders, decoders and encapsulators, and the complete range of connectivity solutions at Booth SL3086 at NAB Show 2024, and at 


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