RED EPIC cameras and Gates Housings

On August 10th The Discovery Channel began their 25th annual Shark Week marathon. Award winning cinematographer Andy Casagrande and world-renowned photographer Michael Muller dominated Discovery’s programming with ultra high-definition video and stills courtesy of their RED EPIC cameras.

Casagrande has shot 27 specials for Shark Week over the last decade, and eight in 2014 alone. Using an EPIC MYSTERIUM-X enclosed in a Gates housing, he is able to capture cinema-quality shots with far greater ease than ever before. The camera’s broad dynamic range and color science helps him achieve ideal results in the constantly changing lighting conditions of the open ocean:

My RED EPIC is truly the most powerful digital cinema camera system on the planet! Shooting it underwater is such a privilege – I’m constantly blown away by the results. The ultra high-resolution plus incredible color science plus tremendous dynamic range is simply ridiculous. It makes my shark sequences look like dream sequences. So super surreal!

The Discovery Channel’s Instagram feed was taken over by Muller, who used his EPIC DRAGON to capture compelling stills of whale sharks and white sharks off the coast of Mexico near Isla Mujeres. Muller is known for swimming among schools of sharks without a cage in pursuit of the best shots possible. His EPIC DRAGON gives him the flexibility to pull high-grade stills from 6K motion capture, allowing Muller to focus on getting close to the sharks without getting in their way or pausing to snap a still.

Although Shark Week 2014 is already over, you can find Casagrande’s work on The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week page and Muller’s work on their Instagram feed.



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