P+S Technik Launches Mount Adapters for Alexa and Epic

IMS 2.0 series now makes available the well-known PS-IMS lens mount adapters for ARRI Alexa and Alexa XT cameras as well as Red Epic cameras. The IMS 2.0 mounts extend the scope of lenses to choose from with Canon, Nikon, Leica, BNC-R or Panavision mounted lenses.

When P+S Technik first launched the Interchangeable Mount System with a 19mm separation plane for the P+S Technik image converters Mini35 and Pro35 in 2001, the creative filmmakers could – for the first time – choose from a huge selection of available lenses from different manufacturers.

On a digital camera, the PS-IMS system was first implemented at the Weisscam HS-1 digital highspeed camera. P+S Technik introduced the IMS always as an open standard for camera manufacturers. At the time, major camera manufacturers didn’t want to understand the potential or tried to consolidate their monopoly on the camera mount.

When P+S Technik in 2008 introduced an IMS RED One camera mount, the camera owners had significant problems with the warranty of their camera. Their various requests to RED to certify the IMS camera mount failed.

ARRI has introduced to the then new Alexa camera a separating plane for the PL-mount, but unfortunately not with 19mm but at 21.5 mm.

The use of the IMS camera mounts remained reserved for niche cameras until the Sony FZ Mount brought back movement into the development.

As of today, many cinematographers have recognized that lenses – as an essential style element – became even more important than they had been in times of celluloid film. The renaissance of Cooke lenses Panchro is just one example. P + S Technik received numerous requests for lens mount adapters that were not feasible with the first PS-IMS system.

With the request to make electronic still lenses available for professional cinematography, the idea was born to re-design the PS-IMS system and update it.

Key Features

PS-IMS 2.0 is available for ARRI Alexa, Sony F55/F5/F3, RED One, RED Epic and cameras with PS-IMS camera mount

PS-IMS 2.0 supports the aperture control for electronic Canon EF lenses combined with the PrimeCircle XE controller

PS-IMS 2.0 is still compatible with cameras with PS-IMS camera mount

PS-IMS 2.0 continues with the professional Nikon mount (a stronger lock mechanism replaces the original springs of the Nikon F mount)

PS-IMS 2.0 offers a new professional Canon EF lens mount (a stronger lock mechanism replaces the original springs of the Canon EF mount)

PS-IMS 2.0 Canon EF mounts are available from the end of September for all camera models. Pricing will be announced at the IBC 2013.




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