Panalux Manchester Support Crew on Drama ‘The Mill’

Production Company: Darlow Smithson Productions

Broadcaster: Channel 4

Producer: Caroline Levy

Director: James Hawes

Writer: John Fey

Cameraman: David Luther

Gaffer: Dave Manfield

Project info

Shot by DoP David Luther with Gaffer Dave Manfield, the team at Panalux’s Manchester operation are proud to have supported the crew on the new Channel 4 drama THE MILL.

Based around the lives of apprentices at the Quarry Mill, Cheshire during the Industrial Revolution, the story of THE MILL is firmly based on historical facts drawn from a time when the face of Britain was changing beyond recognition.

This powerful drama documents the many hardships of daily life in the 1830s, a time when children as young as nine work long hours as the fortunes of wealthy mill owners seem ever increasing. However things do begin to change somewhat as the ‘workers’ start to form ideas of their own, ideas that could reshape the future of Quarry Bank Mill and possibly the country as a whole.