NAB2013: Viz Weather Introduces Open Data Integration and Template-Based Workflow

Viz Weather fronts and flows JPG snapshot


At the 2013 NAB Show, Vizrt will show how its Viz Weather real-time 3D weather solution is now a fully part of both the MOS news production workflow and how template-based Vizrt graphics workflow and can integrate with any data provider.

Viz Weather provides all the tools and resources needed to create visually rich, informative weather reports for the news team or station meteorologist. Instead of operating as a proprietary system separate from the newsroom, Viz Weather seamlessly integrates with today’s MOS newsroom pipeline that feeds news, sports, and other content to the station’s web, mobile, and social media outlets as well as live on-air newscasts.

Graphics templates streamline the production of weather graphics, including 3D animations, weather icons, text, and other visual elements, and give weathercasts a look that is consistent with the station’s channel branding. Viz Weather also accepts and presents all types of weather point data like temperatures and humidity, as well as satellite imagery, radar and satellite maps, storm tracking data, and live video from field reporters and weather-cams.

Viz Weather Almanac JPG snapshot


At NAB, Vizrt will use Viz Weather to present a live weather broadcast every half hour in the Viz Virtual Studio. Vizrt will also demonstrate Viz Weather’s seamless integration with other Vizrt systems, such as Viz World for animated and branded maps, Viz Ticker for real-time 3D tickers and crawls, Viz Engine real-time video and graphics compositor, and the Viz Artist design tool.

Attendees will also see new features like Viz Weather Fetch, which automates and ensures that weather data and imagery is always available for any forecast throughout the day; and Viz Weather Alerts, which automates the National Weather Service (NWS) process of selecting and sending alerts and delivering them to air via Viz Ticker or Viz Engine.

“For broadcasters, the ability to produce accurate, visually pleasing live weather reports is crucial to building a loyal viewership, boosting local news ratings, and increasing ad revenue,” said Petter Ole Jakobsen, Chief Technology Officer of Vizrt. “Rather than locking broadcasters into costly, proprietary weather data service contracts, Viz Weather offers an open, feature-rich environment that lets anyone tell today’s weather story with any weather data available.”


NAB2013: Viz Weather Introduces Open Data Integration and Template-Based Workflow