MwareTV Collaborates with Alibaba Cloud to Provide One-stop Video Services

• Multi-channel service including interactive television, catch-up and VoD, and AI-driven content recommendations
• MwareTV’s one-stop Video Services accessible through Alibaba Cloud Marketplace
• Will also run on Alibaba Cloud, distributed through Alibaba Cloud’s CDN
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 19 June 2023: MwareTV, a leading cloud-based multi-tenant platform provider, has signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group. The agreement will see MwareTV’s services made available through the Alibaba Marketplace, hosted in the Alibaba Cloud, and distributed using Alibaba’s CDN in Europe and Asia.
MwareTV has already achieved significant international success with its cloud-hosted television service. Its TV platform provides all the functionality required to plan, manage, and deliver a comprehensive and engaging multi-channel service, including content storage, with control through a simple and intuitive web interface. It also includes not only ready to use white label applications for all common platforms, but the remarkable App Builder software which allows users to create completely tailored apps with no coding whatsoever.
Under the partnership, customers of Alibaba Cloud can access MwareTV’s industry-leading OTT/IPTV platform via the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace. MwareTV will leverage Alibaba Cloud’s resilient and reliable cloud products to continue its digital acceleration journey, developing its end-to-end IPTV & OTT middleware solutions with fast, stable, secure, and custom content distribution in a cost-effective way and will capture new business growth opportunities through intelligence-based insights. Both parties will work together to roll out a joint media solution, supporting global customers’ rising demands riding on the new wave of global content consumption.
“We have engaged with Alibaba Cloud because, of course, they have great market presence in Asia,” said MwareTV CEO Sander Kerstens. “This partnership allows us to reach users in Asia and Europe on the cloud environment they are probably already using. Alibaba Cloud also has a CDN covering these geographies, so together we can very quickly establish services for customers of Alibaba Cloud, with the characteristic smooth streaming of MwareTV.”
Raymond Ma, General Manager of Europe, Alibaba Cloud, said, “The Media industry is one of our priority sectors and we are excited about the collaboration with MwareTV. MwareTV is a technology leader with its compelling television platform, comprehensive services, and industry expertise. We look forward to working closely to support our customers in Europe and Asia to achieve strong success in the future.”
For more information on the MwareTV service, the powerful App Builder software, and to see the ROI calculator that provides accurate illustrations of the potential commercial value of television services, go to
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