Latest PHABRIX Qx Series software adds pioneering NMOS Send and Receive capabilities, IP Packet Capture and Extended UHD Analysis

Newbury, UK – 8 March 2022: PHABRIX is pleased to announce the latest V4.5 software release for its Qx and QxL hybrid IP/SDI, 4K/UHD and HDR/WCG rasterizers.

The release extends and enhances the Qx Series’ existing ST 2110 NMOS toolset, adding generation and transmission capabilities for the QxL; together with enhanced configuration controls, NMOS node status overviews and access to an IS-05 JSON tree view for both the Qx and QxL. This release also provides the Qx and QxL with class leading optional PCAP utility and selectable display of either ATC-LTC or ATC-VITC for mixed ANC timecode environments. The QxL now has the option for detection and analysis of 444 Extended UHD (EUHD) video formats for LED wall and Graphics card applications.

New features include:
• A suite of AMWA NMOS tools that provide flexibility when integrating with an NMOS controller and associate network Topology
• An updated NMOS receiver for Qx/QxL now provides much more detailed information on the state of the NMOS API to assist with the analysis and debug of NMOS interoperability
• QxL now includes an NMOS sender to accompany the comprehensive 2110-20/30/31/40 generator with support for both 422 and 444 video formats in 2110-20
• A new EUHD option available on the QxL provides support for Analysis and Generation of UHD/4K YCbCr/RGB 444 formats in the range 47.95P – 60P
• A new, flexible 25G full line rate 4GB PCAP capture tool for QxL (10G line rate and 1GB PCAP for Qx) available as a PCAP license. The tool provides a flexible range of options for your capture of the live IP traffic on either a single or dual Media interfaces while in 2110 Mode
• Improved remote operation, now with the ability to operate screen capture and PCAP remotely whilst running VNC
• The QxL can now both Generate and Analyse 10 and 12-bit PsF formats in ST 2110

The Qx Series is available in two platforms, the Qx and QxL, both with a common look and feel, providing an accessible user interface and intuitive toolsets for full operational flexibility and easy migration from an SDI to an IP centric operation. The flexible architecture offers in-field license upgrades for SDI-UHD/4K, 2110-UHD/4K 48-60p RGB (EUHD), PCAP, HDR, AV test signal generation as well as engineering grade data view and ANC packet inspection tools. A factory fitted hardware option provides RTE™ realtime SDI eye and jitter analysis with the further option of a highly advanced SDI-STRESS toolset.

Phillip Adams, CEO, PHABRIX, comments, “V4.5 for the Qx and QxL is a milestone release, adding ground-breaking new features in the test and measurement market. Our customers want business and operational flexibility, as they now have many different requirements as their systems fragment; there is no one-size-fits-all. Offering unparalleled price performance, with IP, audio, QC and engineering data toolsets as standard, and with the flexibility to apply a range of advanced licenses, the Qx Series is continually evolving to meet the needs of the market, future-proofing our customers’ investment. We can’t wait to show our customers what’s next.”


PHABRIX is a world leader in broadcast test and measurement, with a full range of portable and rackmount systems for rapid fault diagnosis, compliance monitoring, and product development. Technology strengths include IP video stream generation and analysis, advanced HDR/WCG visualization, and ultra-responsive physical layer analysis. The product portfolio includes the top-of-the range Qx Series for hybrid IP, 4K/UHD, and HDR/WCG signal generation, analysis, and video/audio monitoring. The advanced, rackmount Rx range provides fast intermittent fault diagnosis in 3G/HD-SDI environments, using video capture and remote access. For applications demanding ultra-portable instruments, the company also offers the award-winning Sx range. PHABRIX maintains its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in the UK. PHABRIX is a member of the Leader Electronics Corporation group of companies.

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