Introducing PavoSlim 60B/60C/120B/120C

Slim yet Rugged, Compact yet Bright
Introducing our latest product, PavoSlim 60B/60C/120B/120C

Available in full-color (PavoSlim 60C/120C) and bi-color (PavoSlim 60B/120B) options.
Available in 1×1′ and 2×1′ size options.

What makes PavoSlim stand out:
✔Slim and lightweight design
✔QUICK and EASY installation
✔High luminance and accurate color rendering

This slim, versatile panel unleashes creativity across a spectrum of scenarios, catering to filmmakers, photographers, small to medium-sized production teams and live streamers, providing exciting new opportunities.

It’s time to embrace innovation and elevate your lighting experience with the PavoSlim!

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