Papou Shooting in Metro Detroit


Mother and Midwife Pictures has just finished the 2nd week of an almost month-long shoot of its feature length film, Papou. Giavani Cairo (actor playing Constantine Yannis) remarked “After just a week of coming onto set, I feel like this is a new family, and I always look forward to coming [to work].”

The excitement surrounding this film has grown with each passing day as people see the film crews in locations across Metro Detroit. Last week, the first day of filming occurred at Archie’s Coney Island in Livonia, and people spent hours standing outside the restaurant trying to get a glimpse of the process. Local restaurants have donated food to the cast and crew each day, and some of the cast and crew members say they have never eaten so well on the set of a movie. A local grandmother has cooked desserts for everyone working on the film as well. Kanella Katsikas, the real-life grandmother that inspired one of the characters in the film said, “This film is an honor for my husband, and it is an honor for me.”


Starring international screen actor Yorgo Voyagis (Zorba the Greek) and Evan Kole (The Avengers). This unique tale of an imaginative young boy and his sickly grandfather has been brought to life by over $51,000 from a Kickstarter fundraiser and almost $55,000 in potential Michigan Film and Digital Media Incentive rebates. The film is being produced by film industry veterans Michael Sinanis and Christos Moisides and directed by 24-year-old first time feature film director Michael Angelo Zervos. Despite the fickle weather, Zervos, who penned the story himself, states “We’ve had really great shots. I look forward to our audiences seeing what I do on the [Red Epic] monitor.”

The production company is still accepting applications for extra roles for the following days: July 29th, 30th, 31st, and August 1st. Visit to follow the daily updates posted on set and those interested in extras casting should contact [email protected]. Members of the press are welcome to visit the set between now and when shooting concludes on August 2nd.