Inter Video Heads to Australia For Ayers Rock in 360 VR

Written by Al Caudullo



This July Inter Video took its new 6 – 2K camera Helius Tangental VR Mini camera system to Australia in order to shoot demonstration footage for IBC 2016. The Helius VR Mini System consists of 6 or more IOI 2K Flare Cameras along with 2 Convergent Design Apollo Recorders. The System is powered from 2- onboard 130W Li-ion batteries, including tri level sync and timecode for all cameras and recorders.

We spent two weeks shooting around Australia. The Mini rig and support equipment traveled in a single case and a tripod bag as checked luggage. We shot at a number of different locations during the trip.


The IOI Flare 2K cameras were fitted with the passive “C” mounts and 3.2mm/1.8 Kawa manual lenses. The Footage was shot in 1080p at 29.97Fps.

The Helius Mini Tangental rig uses 2 Apollo recorders to record 6 – 8 Flare 2K cameras. 3 or 4 cameras to each Apollo recorder. Each recorder was allotted a 1Tb SSD giving an hour recording capability in 4.2.2 ProRes.

On several occasions we continued to shoot after sunset with excellent results. We are currently in the process of stitching and grading the footage to display at IBC. We have unstitched footage available now for those interested in doing their own stitching. The two 360 frames shown here were stitched in real time using a PT Gui template.


Interested parties should contact Neil Clark [email protected] to arrange downloading test footage.

Inter Video HELIUS™ tangential spherical video capture systems apply new technology to Virtual Reality. Starting with features like global shutter, Genlock + frame lock, 2K Sensor, Canon Active EF lens support, 2K at up to 60 fps on SDI, more than 10 Stops of usable dynamic range, 422-444-Raw output, High strength aluminum case with mounting holes on 4 sides; HELIUS™ sets out to capture the best images for VR.

Applying our exclusive Tangental technology HELIUS™ delivers the best image for stitching. Tangential capture means that lines run parallel between adjoining images in an array eliminating the need to correct these geometric distortions in post production makes stitching easier and cheaper while delivering the best quality image due to less processing to correct for the capture geometry.
Our proprietary geometry also minimizes parallax between cameras which allows images to be stitched closer to the rig

Inter Video HELIUS™ 4K Tangential rig produces a 10000×5000 stitched image.

Inter Video HELIUS™ 2K Tangential Mini produces a 6000×3000 stitched image.


We have completed testing on HELIUS™ 3D our first generation 4K system with 3 pair of 4K cameras and 4.5mm lenses.

Wireless remote control of up to 8 cameras is another feature that sets HELIUS™ camera systems apart. Configuring 6 – 8 cameras per rig is a difficult task to undertake without help. Inter Video’s wireless camera controller makes it easy to set all the cameras in an array to the same settings. Multi camera shoot? the wireless control can control multiple rigs, setting up multiple rigs is no more work than setting up a single rig.

The Helios VR System is available for Rental or Purchase from Inter Video. The 4K system as configured rents for $3,000 U.S. per day plus shipping and customs, if required. 6Tb of SSD storage and battery power are included. The purchase price as configured has a base of $77,570 U.S. A wireless control system and real time stitching computer are available as options.

The Helios 2K Mini VR system rents for $2,200 U.S. Per day and ships in a single case that can be checked as normal luggage. It is available with the same options. Contact us to request a price quote.