Insigne Law Firm Uses HoverCam Document Camera for Online Court Proceedings During COVID-19

HoverCam’s Solo 8Plus Patented Zoom Focuses on the Smallest Details and Streams in Ultra-Clear Quality Over Any Video Conferencing Platform

SAN DIEGO — April 20, 2021 — HoverCam, an innovative technology leader in the education market, announced that its Solo 8Plus document camera is successfully supporting patent law firm Insigne LLP’s court proceedings, which were moved online due to COVID-19. The Solo 8Plus clearly captures the vital intricacies of inventions going through the patent process for video conference presentation. Insigne had previously used HoverCam’s document cameras in internal meetings and on-premises court proceedings.

“HoverCam has transformed the playing field in education with technology that is a natural fit in the legal field,” said Trevor Coddington, managing partner at Insigne. “The company’s document cameras are so easy to use, they’re not a barrier to presenting the information. We can show judges and juries how a part is made, how it works, and how it operates. Those types of things are critical to patent law.”

HoverCam’s Solo 8Plus is a lightweight and compact document camera with a 13-megapixel sensor that captures vibrant images and live video in 4K clarity. What sets HoverCam apart is its patented Adaptive Sensor Resolution (ASR) 480x zoom. Some document cameras use digital zoom technology, which results in a loss in clarity that is similar to the fuzziness that occurs when using the zoom feature of a smartphone camera. Other, more expensive solutions zoom optically, which retains clarity but requires a complex moving lens system that is bulky, heavy, and expensive. HoverCam’s ASR zoom provides the clarity of an optical system, but without the added cost, weight, and complexity of an optical system.

Using HoverCam’s ASR technology, Insigne has zoom range to focus in on the smallest inventions and seamlessly stream the shot via the video conferencing platform in ultra-clear detail for everyone — the judge, jury, and lawyers — on the call to see. It is interoperable with Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and other platforms. It also has better image quality and versatility than a webcam, supporting 1080p full HD video recording as well as connectivity with iPads, all powered through one USB 3.0 cable.

In addition to the ultra-zoom capabilities, the HoverCam document camera family is built on the Flex 11 intuitive user interface, which is ideal for the legal environment. The software can be installed right from the camera without having to download it from a website. It allows anything to be captured or scanned from the document camera and annotated, such as changes to the terms of a contract between two parties. It also features whiteboard capabilities and split screen modes for smoother collaboration.

Insigne’s remote court setup includes an all-in-one device web camera with speakers and microphone connected to a 60-inch flat screen. The HoverCam document camera is connected to a laptop and powered via a single USB cable. The laptop is logged into the UC platform and operates as its own feed. With the ease and success of the setup, Insigne is able to hold detailed demonstrations during court proceedings as if in person.

“While we built our documents cameras from the ground up to support learning and engagement in the classroom, the same visualization needs to exist in government, corporate, and clinical markets,” said Bayley Pierson, director of marketing at HoverCam. “Insigne is a great example of how our document cameras are designed to be not only intuitive as possible but to also capture and deliver even the most minute details in picture perfect clarity over video conference.”

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