IDX Reliability and a New Cost Saving Range

ENDURA CUE is the new battery range from IDX that combines superb reliability at a lower cost. This Lithium Ion battery range has been designed to meet the most stringent PSE regulations for electrical and mechanical safety – essential for work and travel abroad. Thanks to the latest advances made in microchip technology and improvements in battery design and build, the range provides all the benefits today’s broadcasters need at a more affordable price.

All-round advantages

To ensure varying requirements are met, there are three models in the new range – ENDURA CUE-D75, ENDURA CUE-D95 and ENDURA CUE-D150. All batteries have 1x (D-Tap) DC output connector allowing peripherals to be powered direct. The V-Mount connection is a worldwide standard fitting and the preferred mounting system for the broadcast industry.

A discharge cut-off prevents the batteries being damaged by products without a voltage sensing shut-down mechanism. Four bright power status LEDs provide a quick check of remaining power capacity. The range complies with all published international standards and comes with a I year capacity better than 70% and a 2 year defects warranty.

A partnership built without compromise

To achieve the CUE range’s cost-saving benefits, IDX has worked closely with its partner, Sanyo – the world’s premier supplier of Lithium Ion cells. Improvements in design and the manufacturing process have been combined with developments in microchip technology. These innovations have helped reduce the component count and improved reliability.

All circuits have been tested and approved to maximize the performance and longevity of the cells. The cells used have been matched and specially selected by Sanyo as best for purpose.

Not just reliable – user friendly too

Additional features of the ENDURA CUE range include battery circuit protection. This guards against the common causes of battery misuse including over-charging and discharging and exposure to high temperatures.

ENDURA CUE high performance Li-ion batteries are lightweight and compact. Using a P-V2 or a P-VS2 adaptor plate (available separately from IDX) they can be used without a standard V-Mount connection if required. The range is, of course, fully compatible with all ENDURA V-Mount chargers and accessories.

Safety, reliability and strength of build – these are the three components that have made IDX batteries the first choice of professionals all over the world. With the new ENDURA CUE range, you can now add extra affordability to batteries that have always been worth their money.