IBC 2018 Exhibitor Product Spotlight | Kandao Launches QooCam, the World’s First Interchangeable 4K 360° and 3D 180° Camera

On May 2nd 2018, VR camera manufacturer and software solution provider Kandao Technology launched the QooCam on Kickstarter. It is the world’s first interchangeable consumer camera with three fisheye lenses, featuring groundbreaking refocusing, cinematic stabilization and an intuitive editing tool. Combing professional technologies of 360° and 3D together in one consumer product, Kandao aims to give everyone an access to the next-generation of imaging at a more affordable price.

More than just 360

“We want people to experience the new ways of imaging, from 360° to VR180 introduced by Google, and that’s why we develop QooCam to push the technology to become part of life,” said Dan Chen, Kandao Founder and CEO. “With QooCam, you can experience 3D 180° or 360° filming in one product, recording and sharing life in an immersive and innovative way.”

Designed with a unique switchable structure of three fisheye lenses, QooCam offers two shooting modes to play. In “360 mode”, QooCam can capture scene from all direction easily in 4K high resolution (Videos: 3840*1920@30fps/@60fps, 1920*960@120fps; Photos: 4320*2160). Thanks to the real-time optical flow stitching algorithm, you can simply get the perfect stitching of your 360° photo/video on the smartphone. After a simple switch, QooCam can also capture the 180° front view in “stereo mode” and create truly immersive photos/videos, standing it out from other consumer 360 cameras.

Shake Free and Incredible User-Friendly App

With built-in IMU sensor, QooCam’s real-time stabilization software can dramatically reduce shake and rolling shutter effect, keeping shots stable and smooth. It can effectively solve to the jelly effect problem especially when filming high speed actions, enabling users to achieve cinematic shots with ease.

QooCam is also equipped with an intuitive editing app, which is compatible with IOS and Android phones, to allow users output a 360° virtual reality experience, or convert it to a standard fixed-frame video and share on all social platforms. With “Tap Direct”, users can simply tap the different points of view and record the parts you want the audience to see. “Smart Track” can automatically recognize the object that you select to track and make it always be in the center of the frame.

Besides the above features, QooCam offers versatile shooting options, including 60/120fps, time lapse, 4K live streaming and so on. Also, it supports external storage up to 256GB and up to 180 minutes video shooting, making it ready for every adventure, without the hassle of recharging many times or worrying about the limited storage capability.


After introducing professional VR cameras Obsidian series to the market, Kandao has packed all the amazing 3D stereo and 360 features into QooCam. It is now available on Kickstarter and starts shipment in August, officially priced at $399.

“Kickstarter is an open community full of high-tech lovers, so we choose to launch QooCam here to get closer to our target customers and hear their suggestions.” Added Dan Chen. Kandao offers limited units for super early bird backers, who can be the first to get QooCam at a special price of $289.

For more information, please visit Kandao QooCam and Kickstarter, or YouTube introduction video of QooCam.

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IBC 2018 Exhibitor Product Spotlight | Kandao Launches QooCam, the World’s First Interchangeable 4K 360° and 3D 180° Camera