IABM’s Opening Executive Keynote Session at IBC

From IBC 2018~

Get ready for the Content Supply Chain – it will change your business forever
Friday 14th September, 8am, The Forum

“The way our industry works is going through a fundamental transformation; change is now not an option – it’s an absolute necessity for survival. IABM’s Opening Executive Keynote Session at IBC will arm you with the knowledge you need to weather these changes, and lift the lid on why media technology users are moving to a creator-to-consumer Content Supply Chain operating model – and how we can all work together to realize its benefits.
IABM CEO, Peter White, will open the session with a review of the current state of the industry based on IABM’s extensive research and business intelligence. He will then provide an analysis of the challenges the industry is facing, and share research-backed business advice on how to move forward confidently and successfully as our industry transforms into a content supply/media factory.

“Leaders from both the technology user and supplier sides of the industry will then take to the stage to debate how the content supply chain is changing the way we do business. How can all sides of the industry best collaborate to ensure success for everyone – broadcast and media companies, technology suppliers and service providers? How do businesses need to change the way they work to enable the industry to continue to move forward in future?”

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