Hitachi developes SK-UHD4000, a broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV camera system

Hitachi Kokusai Electric, Inc. (President and Chief Executive Officer Manabu Shinomoto) has developed the SK-UHD4000, a broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV camera system which can use the 2/3-inch B4 mount lenses used in conventional HD broadcast cameras.

The use of standard HD lenses with the SK-UHD4000 eliminates the need for special conversion adapters. This feature allows broadcasters to effectively use their existing lenses and shoot video in 4K resolution, while at the same time retaining the easy handling and operability of broadcast cameras currently in use. The SK-UHD4000 is an innovative broadcast 4K Ultra-HDTV camera system that makes it easy to produce programs shot in 4K resolution, which is projected to become the industry standard in the near future. It provides effective solutions to the challenges of live sports broadcasts outdoors, such as sensitivity and depth of field.

The SK-UHD4000 is equipped with a newly developed 2/3-inch MOS sensor. This sensor makes it possible to produce video images with high sensitivity and high resolution. It also helps to significantly reduce the amount of power consumed.

This camera system will be exhibited at the Hitachi Kokusai Electric booth at the upcoming IBC 2014 (Hall 11/Stand 11.D39), the largest international broadcasting convention in Europe. The convention is scheduled to be held from September 12 (Friday) to September 16 (Tuesday) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Key features
1. Direct installation of B4 lenses for conventional HD broadcast cameras
The 2/3-inch B4 mount enables broadcasters to directly install their existing lenses, allowing them to continue using these valuable assets. Operationally, because the SK-UHD4000 has a 2/3 inch prism, optical characteristics such as depth of field and focus will be the same as a 2/3 inch Broadcast HD camera. For live sports broadcast, 4K-resolution programs can be produced just as easily as with conventional HD programs.

2. Handling and operability on par with existing HD broadcast cameras
The SK-UHD4000 is just as easy to handle as existing HD broadcast cameras. It can also be used in combination with accessories for conventional HD broadcast cameras, such as a studio adaptor for mounting high-magnification studio lenses.

3. High quality video in 4K resolution
The newly developed 2/3-inch MOS sensor delivers a high level of sensitivity and resolution. In addition, the optical system originally developed by Hitachi Kokusai Electric allows for the reproduction of color in high-fidelity.
To get the most out of 2/3-inch lenses, Hitachi Kokusai Electric applied its high-precision lens bonding methods and original video signal processing technology to produce a high level of resolution.

4. Small 2U-size 4K camera control unit
The camera control unit for the SK-UHD4000 stands 88 mm (2U size) tall. The compact size of the camera control unit enables broadcasters to effectively use the camera within the limited confines of their outside broadcasting vehicles.
The SK-UHD4000 can output HD and 4K video signals separately, enabling mixing of an HD broadcast camera and the SK-UHD4000 at the same location. This capability makes it possible to output HD and 4K video at the same time, and to extract HD-quality video from 4K footage.

5. Low power consumption
The SK-UHD4000 is equipped with Hitachi Kokusai Electric’s original technologies for digital video signal processing, optical transmission, and high-efficiency power supply. The combined use of these technologies achieves a lower level of power consumption. The amount of power consumed by the camera head is suppressed to 38 W, which is equal to the power consumption of a 1080 p HD broadcasting camera.