Emotion Systems conquers file-based audio automation at NAB 2024

Emotion Systems, an established leader in media file processing will be showing their latest developments in workflow management. The need for normalizing ingested files and adding appropriate additional processing has never been more important, given the variety of different configurations available. The arrival of immersive audio formats, in addition to 5.1 or 7.1 surround, has increased the complexity of delivery standards demanded by different clients. Not only do the various channel configurations need to be archived correctly, but also Loudness Correction, Upmixing and Downmixing, Audio Description, and Dolby Encoding and Decoding are among the processes that may need to be applied. Emotion Systems supplies the technology to handle ingest on a batch file system and to apply these processes automatically, preserving or adding to the original metadata. This automated approach to file ingest saves the distributor valuable time and resources.

Traditionally, Emotion Systems has supported innovations as they have appeared and at NAB 2024, this continues to be the case. Of particular interest is the Immersive Mix Module, which allows content to be upmixed from stereo to surround and immersive mixes, enabling it to blend into live content. This module provides for live transitions for commercials, promos, or even archive footage to be easily blended into a live broadcast mix.

Audio description is an equally hot topic, with many countries now legislating on the percentage of programming that needs to be more accessible. Even if it is not a legal requirement, audio description is very much in demand. This provides the opportunity at NAB to focus on the Audio Description Module. These various modules are integral to the Emotion Systems’ Engine, which is the scalable and extremely versatile solution to managing the monitoring, processing, and metadata of ingested files. Engine is designed to integrate with popular MAM products from leading vendors, or to work stand-alone on any operating system platform.

Tradeshows always provide the opportunity to discuss developments with existing and future customers. Cloud technology continues to expand rapidly and this NAB, Emotion Systems is focusing on their cloud strategy. Customers are looking to migrate their own on-premises system into the cloud and have a combination of on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid working requirements. Emotion Systems’ CEO, MC Patel said; “Our success over the years has been very much due to our response to our customers requests. This has never been more true given the plethora of different audio formats and the rapid changes in workflows and storage, so we are looking forward to engaging with customers on where we go next.”


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