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Editing Audi with Final Cut Pro X: Cutting a complex commercial

In just a few months, Trim Editing has seen many changes. For starters, the boutique editorial house moved to an all-new, two-floor space in East London. By doubling its number of suites to ten, Trim can better accommodate its growing staff of editors. And during this transition, Trim’s project list has expanded, too, including powerful new spots for major brands including BMW, Nike, and Hennessy.

For editor Thomas Grove Carter, the biggest change has been the arrival of Final Cut Pro 10.3. Having brought Final Cut Pro X to Trim years ago, Thomas was eager to use this latest version of his preferred editing tool. His test drive was on a challenging Audi assignment, a spot called “Everyday Extremes,” that demanded complex sound design and smooth visual transitions. The new Final Cut Pro exceeded his high expectations, allowing him to turn his ideas into new cuts faster than ever before.

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