Camera Turret’s Universal Controller to Run Varizoom MC100, Kessler Revolution, and ProAim Pan/Tilt

Camera Turret Technologies, Inc . unveils the new “Universal Controller”. Smooth, powerful movement while going very slow is the key to any professional pan/tilt system and Camera Turret have been the leader in the industry for many years due to the unique programming algorithm and extensive electronics.

“When displaying our products at trade shows people always ask why our units can creep so amazing slow. All I have to do is have them put their hand in front of the unit while it is going slow and they find that they cannot stop its progress. While others stop and start and stutter at any attempt at slow movements, ours will maintain smooth slow speeds,” explains Camera Turret president, Lou Chighisola.

Typically the internal algorithm is finely tuned to the motors of the Camera Turret line, but they have now created a variable in the algorithm that can be adjusted by an external knob to run the motors of Varizoom MC100, Kessler Revolution and ProAim. There are also connectors built into the controller to mount directly to their cabling.

The Universal Controller comes with: Controller and power supply.