Barco Silex to Display Technologies at IBC2013

Barco Silex will be exhibiting at the upcoming IBC2013, September 12 – 17, RAI Amsterdam. Drop by the Barco Silex stand #10.D31b.

Barco Silex is a micro-electronic design house established in 1991, that belongs to the Barco group and has both offices and design teams in Belgium and France. BarcoSilex provides high-performance and ultra-compact Video Compression cores, Encryption cores and Video-over-IP reference designs.

Check out this interesting technology, BA411E – AES crypto engine.


The BA411E is a Multi-Purpose AES Crypto Engine developed, validated and licensed by BARCO-Silex.

Scalable AES core

The BA411E includes a generic (ASIC, Actel, Altera, Xilinx) and  scalable implementation of the AES algorithm, making the solution suitable for a wide range of low-end and high-end applications.

Flexible wrapper & suitable interfaces

With a very flexible wrapper supporting a wide selection of programmable ciphering modes (ECB, CTR, CBC, CFB, OFB, OMAC, CCM, GCM and XTS) and several options of data interface (FIFO, DMA, AXI4-Stream,…), the BA411E is an easy-to-use solution with predictable resources and performances on ASIC and FPGA.

Optional capabilities

  • Interleaved ECB, CTR, CCM and GCM modes for ultra-high performances
  • Masking option available for applications requiring higher level of security (protection against SPA and DPA)
  • ‘Bypass’ or ‘NULL Cipher’ mode for streaming applications
  • Stallable core
  • AXI4-Stream or FIFO Interface

Resources and Performances

  • Data Sheet is available under NDA
  • Tiny Configuration: less than 10k gates
  • Hi-speed Configuration: Up to 40 Gbps
  • Performances and complexity are available on request for any FPGA device

Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary copies of StudentFilmmakers Magazine and HDProGuide Magazine at the show (booths 36 and 37)!