Alfalite takes its LED display technology to the Senate of Pakistan

Alfalite, the only European manufacturer of LED screens, is pleased to announce its first project in Pakistan by the hand of its distributor World Wide Vision. The Senate of the Asian country has installed two 5 x 3 meter screens of the Alfalite Modularpix Pro 1.9 model with ORIM® technology.

The project has been developed by the brand’s local dealer, World Wide Vision, based in IsIamabad, who is certified and trained by Alfalite to carry out the installations of the manufacturer’s LED screens.

The two displays, each with a resolution of 2560 x 1536 pixels, have a total of 120 Alfalite Modularpix Pro 1.9 LED panels and have been mounted on the plenary walls. The displays are managed by two Novastar VX1000 all-in-one controllers, also supplied by World Wide Vision.

Luis Garrido, Executive Director of Alfalite, says: “We are very happy with this first installation in Pakistan and would like to congratulate our partner World Wide Vision for their excellent work in integrating our screens in the country’s Senate.”

In turn, Huzaifa Mustafa, technical director of World Wide Vision, says: “We are very pleased to have completed our first project with Alfalite in an environment as emblematic and demanding as the Senate. Working with Alfalite’s European-made screens gives us great confidence for our clients, in addition to the excellent image quality they offer and the peace of mind that they feature ORIM technology, which makes them particularly robust.”

ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module) technology is a new LED panel termination system using optical resin injection that improves precision between modules (<0.5 mm). In addition, it provides an extended horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 175º.

LED panels with ORIM technology have superior antistatic protection (ESD > 10kV), better heat dissipation parameters and excellent resistance to impact, liquids, chemicals and fire (UL94 standard). In addition, they are easier to clean, suffer less deterioration and have the shortest repair time on the market.



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