Actor/Director Scott Takeda Talks Gone Girl, The MAC AIDS Fund Documentary And Making Will Ferrell Laugh On Maria Menounos’ AfterBuzz TV

Scott Takeda appeared on Maria Menounos’ online broadcast network, AfterBuzz TV, to interview with host Alikona Bradford about David Fincher’s Gone Girl, his AIDS documentary and working with Will Ferrell.

Scott Takeda is an Emmy Award winning director/photographer/producer who’s received 32 National Tellys, and whose films have placed in the bronze, silver, and gold categories in film festivals. He can be seen in front of the camera in feature films like Little Fockers, Everything Must Go, The Dallas Buyers Club, and Gone Girl. Takeda has also been leaving his mark on television in guest roles for Nashville, Star Crossed, Halt and Catch Fire, and more. This week he appeared on Maria Menounos’ “aftershow” network, AfterBuzz TV, for “Spotlight On” where host Alikona Bradford interviewed him on his experience in Tinsel Town.

Takeda can be seen in theaters now in David Fincher’s “Gone Girl.” When asked about the storyline he said “there was so much security about the script,” something he never experienced before.” Though he’d read the book, the first time he saw the entire film he said it was “an amazing roller coaster of a ride… I think what they were able to do to adapt this global best seller into a film was…they did an amazing job!”

With an extensive background in making documentaries Takeda’s production company, Takeda Entertainment, continues to receive accolades for their work. He revealed that the project that affected him the most was the MAC AIDS Fund which created awareness for AIDS in today’s culture. “We decided to ask people ‘have you been tested for aids?’ And, being around in the 80’s when the first AIDS scare hit I thought, ‘Ok, I will use protection!’ It got hammered into your head. …A few decades later was surprised to find out this whole new generation doesn’t even think about it.….And it was shocking because we don’t have a cure yet…I don’t know who dropped the ball or when it got dropped,” said Takeda. He continued, “It was actually one of the things that made being part of the Dallas Buyers Club so important to me. Because it was highlighting the very first AIDS scare and I knew this was a film that could educate people about AIDS and at least start the discussion again.”

Though Takeda’s been in the entertainment business for years he still considers himself in the “beginning” stages of his acting career and discussed some of his memorable moments along this new journey. While on set for ‘Everything Must Go’ with funny man Will Ferrell in 2009, Scott realized he was funny. “It was a drama,” he says. “I would completely improvise stuff and Will would crack up…that’s actually what kinda got me into improv is cause the king of comedy was just saying ‘you’re so funny!” I was like ‘What?!? What?!” He continued, “I remember my very, very first feature film was with Naomi Watts and was very, very surprised…90% of the dialogue was mine. And, I’m looking there and this is Naomi Watts, she’s got an academy nomination. We’re sitting there looking at the set and about to go on and she goes ‘do you want to run lines?’ What?! You want to run lines?!?” He was so humbled by both experiences.

Talented both in front and behind the camera, Scott Takeda gives an inside peak to his life and career. Visit the links below for his complete interview:
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