ABonAir to Support Grass Valley Camera Control Unit (CCU)

ABonAir announces that it has added Grass Valley (now a Belden brand) camera control unit (CCU) support to its product line. Complementing its support of Sony and Panasonic CCUs, ABonAir wireless broadcast systems now support full protocol for all Grass Valley CCU models operating the camera from the control room.
Camera control units (also known as RCP: Remote Control Panels) allow remotely setting a professional video camera from a media center and sending control signals to and from the camera. In multi-camera productions, the CCU enables all the cameras to be monitored and synchronized in terms of color balance, picture intensity, saturation and iris control from the control room.
In wired setups, the control room CCU is connected to the camera through a dedicated cable (SMPTE or Triax), causing distance and field deployment limitations. ABonAir’s wireless video link systems allow broadcasters to transmit content from cameras to mobile production trucks or control rooms quickly and easily without cables. Supporting the CCU standards of Sony, Panasonic and Grass Valley, ABonAir solution replaces the need for CCU cables.
The ABonAir product line is fully automatic: no external components or setup to support the specific CCU model or camera, supplementary antennas or different frequency allocations are needed. The system utilizes the same frequency channel for video transmission, intercom and CCU signals.
The system automatically identifies the CCU model/protocol, making manual configuration unnecessary.
ABonAir’s CEO, Mr. Eran Igler, said: “We’re very pleased to add Grass Valley CCU functionality to our wireless broadcast transmitters. ABonAir’s unique bi-directional technology makes it possible for us to smoothly integrate the CCU functionality without raising the cost for an additional transmitter and receiver. ABonAir’s products now support Sony, Grass Valley and Panasonic CCUs in all camera models. We are expanding our options to support additional manufacturers in the near future.”
Please contact ABonAir for more information.