Sound Shark Audio Solution for DSLR Video

An audio solution ideal for wedding videographers, event videographers, independent filmmakers, hybrid photographers, GoPro users, sound technicians, and amateur videographers, the Sound Shark is the “Zoom Lens” of Audio, which zeroes in on your subject while rejecting the ambient noise that you don’t want.

The Sound Shark is extremely well-built, affordable, and considered a “revolutionary” tool for videographers and photographers. It’s an easy way to record great audio for your dSLR, mirror less or video camera without the headache of pricey wireless lavaliere sets or shot gun mics. It’s a high quality parabolic reflector, made in America, that mounts a lav-style mic in seconds then slides into to your cameras hot shoe, side grip, or onto a light stand for pro quality audio.

In this overview video, photographer Will Crockett shows you what a Sound Shark is, what it does, and why he thinks it’s the best audio solution for Talking Portraiture there is. For more information, see the website,