Beam Dynamics delivers real value through asset intelligence at NAB Show

The team from Beam Dynamics will be at NAB 2024 (Las Vegas Convention Center, 14 – 17 April) to discuss and demonstrate its unique, data-led approach to intelligent technology lifecycle management. Asset Intelligence brings all a business’s technology assets into a common database, tracking everything from physical location to software versions, transforming the way all the equipment in a media business is used, maintained, capitalized and – eventually – replaced. 

“When you drill down, the typical media business has thousands of assets from hundreds of vendors, forming its environment,” said David Kaszycki, co-founder and CEO of Beam Dynamics. “A top level asset like a camera is actually a number of units from multiple vendors: camera body, lens, mounting plate, pan and tilt head, fiber adaptor, pedestal, viewfinder, CCU and OCP, and more. Many of these will have software versions to track, too. 

“Expand that across the whole business of production and post, and the number of assets grows exponentially,” Kaszycki explained. “Asset Intelligence from Beam provides a simple way of tracking every single item, giving engineers and managers information on everything from where it is to its warranty status; whether it is due for a software upgrade or is close to end of life.” 

Beam has built an unparalleled product database, covering more than 500,000 products from more than 8000 vendors. This is combined with data from the business’s own ERP and financial platforms as well as engineering reports and booking systems, building a complete one-stop information store on every aspect of the technology estate. 

Beam has now introduced the Purchases module, which gives customers the ability to create, track, and organize purchases directly within their Beam workspace. This latest addition effortlessly brings another essential workflow under the Beam ecosystem, simplifying tasks and offering customers improved visibility into their organization’s financial flow. 

Through its scheduling module Beam tracks where every asset is, and ensures that the right ancillary equipment is included: a user can book a camera channel and the viewfinder, lens, pedestal and all the rest are included. The ticketing module tracks fault reports and repairs, ensuring equipment is available when it is needed. It also builds knowledge around specific pieces of equipment, driving preventative maintenance. 

Asset Intelligence gives managers complete visibility into utilization, so operational bottlenecks are readily identified. The result is a higher return on investment from assets, and better buying decisions for expansion and replacement. 

“The value of a single, accessible source of all information on all technology is recognized by major players in the industry,” Kaszycki said. “Asset Intelligence is already in use with major broadcast groups and production companies around the world. We are looking forward to talking to more potential users – and systems integrators involved in transformative projects – at NAB this year.” 

David Kaszycki and his colleagues will be based in the IABM Lounge (meeting room N110LMR) at NAB2024. Beam can be contacted for NAB meetings and further information at 


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