Witbe to Expand Video Testing and Monitoring Suite with Streaming Ad Monitoring Technology at 2024 NAB Show

2024 NAB Show Exhibitor Preview
April 14-17
Las Vegas
Booth W2053

At the 2024 NAB Show, Witbe will showcase its powerful automated testing and proactive monitoring technology. The company will demonstrate the benefits of its hardware and software solutions for streaming and broadband video service providers looking to measure their customers’ true quality of experience (QoE). A key highlight will be Witbe’s new Ad Monitoring and Matching technology, capable of monitoring dynamically inserted ads in video streams and analyzing their performance and availability in real time.

“The NAB Show is always one of the best industry gatherings of the year, and we’re excited to highlight the latest innovations from Witbe,” said Marie-Véronique Lacaze, president and co-founder of Witbe. “The Witbe Software Suite offers comprehensive technology to major video service providers worldwide. Our expansion to include Ad Monitoring is a reflection of the expanding needs of our customers, and in line with our commitment to accurately measuring performance on real devices.”

New Ad Monitoring and Matching Technology
Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology helps providers identify and resolve streaming errors caused by dynamic ad insertion. The company tests and monitors real, physical devices to measure the true ad performance that viewers receive, as well as identify issues that cannot be detected through other monitoring approaches. Service providers receive accurate reports on the most important key performance indicators (KPI) for their service, including crucial and common ad errors like blank slates, audio cuts, crashed streams, buffering, and issues when returning to the main content.

All of Witbe’s technology includes video recordings, which can be used as proof of ad delivery for third-party advertisers. The company’s Ad Matching feature can then verify when an advertiser’s ad played throughout a stream and how it performed. Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology is available now and capable of testing all ad-supported video, including FAST channels, streaming sports, and AVOD services.

Photo Link: www.202comms.com/Witbe/Ad_Monitoring_Matching_technology.jpg
Photo Caption: Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology identifies streaming errors caused by dynamic ad insertion.

Witbe Highlights at the 2024 NAB Show Will Include:

Bundle Packages for Automated QA Testing
At the 2024 NAB Show, Witbe will spotlight new bundles for video service providers looking to automate their QA testing processes. These newly launched packages come with a Witbox, allowing video service providers to test any real device they have, along with a Witbe Hub Cloud to work remotely, and a set number of test scenarios that can be quickly deployed. Three different tiers are available, depending on the number of tests the team would like to run. These new bundles are standardized to deploy in record time and are perfect for QA teams ready to boost their workflow with automation.

Photo Link: www.202comms.com/Witbe/QA_Test_Automation.jpg
Photo Caption: Witbe’s new QA Test Automation bundles come with preset test scenarios ready to be deployed immediately.

Major New Witbe Software Suite Features
The Witbe Software Suite was recently updated to version 23.10, bringing a host of new features to video service providers. These include the ability to easily pair Bluetooth devices to the Witbox at any time, as well as new integrations for Smart Navigate, Witbe’s AI algorithm that automatically identifies menu structure in test scenarios. Smartgate, Witbe’s observability platform, was also updated to include a deeper history view and real-time KPI results for the company’s Ad Monitoring technology. These new features will be shown alongside several other software updates on the NAB Show floor.

Photo Link: www.202comms.com/Witbe/Smart_Navigate_AI.jpg
Photo Caption: Witbe’s Smart Navigate AI algorithm received new integrations in the Witbe Software Suite to help teams script tests faster.

The Complete Testing Device Lineup
Witbe’s Witbox family of devices packs the company’s reliable automated testing and monitoring technology into a compact, accessible package that is simple to set up. At the 2024 NAB Show, Witbe will have its entire Witbox lineup on display: WitboxOne, the company’s flagship device for automated streaming video testing; Witbox+, the most powerful testing device on the market, capable of testing iOS devices and smart TVs; and WitboxNet, built specifically for web testing. Live demos on the show floor will focus on the specific capabilities of each Witbox when connected to a real testing device.

Photo Link: www.202comms.com/Witbe/Witbox_devices.jpg
Photo Caption: Witbe’s line of powerful Witbox devices can test and monitor video services on any real device.

Must-See Conference Session
Yoann Hinard, chief operations officer at Witbe, will speak at the 2024 NAB Show Broadcast Engineering and IT Conference as part of the Digital Online Operations presentations. The session, “AI Innovations in Testing and Monitoring: How Machine Learning is Transforming Testing and Monitoring on Real Devices,” takes place on Monday, April 15 at 1:30 p.m. PDT, at the West Hall Meeting Rooms Level 2 (W222-W223).

Members of the press interested in meeting with Witbe at the 2024 NAB Show should contact:
Moe Lokat
202 Communications
Tel: +44 (0) 7973 306039
Email: [email protected].

Company Overview:

Witbe (Euronext Growth – FR0013143872 – ALWIT) provides test automation and proactive monitoring technology for global video services. Headquartered in Paris with locations across the globe, the company makes award-winning hardware and software applications for video streaming providers that test the quality of experience their customers receive. Witbe is the only company on the market capable of testing any video service running on any device (including PCs, smartphones, STBs, and smart TVs) over any network (including fiber, 5G, and OTT).

Thanks to its revolutionary Witbox and powerful Witbe Software Suite, the company recently launched its Ad Monitoring and Matching technology for dynamically inserted streaming ads. Witbe is proud to have customers — including Comcast, Cox, Verizon, Peacock, and Orange— in more than 50 countries. More information and further updates are available at www.witbe.net.

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