Westcott Flex Now Patented Technology: Flexible LED Light Source for Filmmakers and Photographers

Westcott is proud to announce the Flex was officially awarded its patent in July 2016. The Westcott Flex is the world’s first highquality, flexible LED light source for photographers and filmmakers.

Westcott was approached by an engineering team with a design for a flexible LED mat. After Westcott’s previous successes with groundbreaking LED products like the Ice Light, the team quickly jumped on board to assist in the development. After having the opportunity to serve as the Flex’s exclusive North American and Australia distributor, Westcott recognized that there was a huge opportunity to expand and improve this new technology. The team began working very closely with engineers to improve the light quality, expand the product line, and develop a dynamic mounting system based upon the renowned Scrim Jim framework.

“When Westcott was brought this unique LED technology years ago, we knew it was exactly what the industry needed. LEDs themselves continued to increase in quality, but size always remained an issue contrary to what most people believe, LEDs get very hot and need cooled. This is why the form factor of LED panels was generally large and contained in a heavy metal outer structure. This new patented technology deals directly with not only this heat issue, but the ability to provide flex to the substrate that the LEDs are adhered to. The end result is an extremely powerful, highquality light source that can be flexed and weighs less than a pound.” President, Kelly Mondora

In June of 2015, Westcott was granted exclusive worldwide distribution rights to the patented technology. They debuted their entire new Flex Cine system at the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters show, where it was met with critical acclaim.

Many competitors have recognized the success of the Westcott Flex product and have chosen to imitate and manufacture similar looking products that underperform. This situation has understandably caused a lot of confusion amongst current and potential Flex customers. Since Westcott’s debut of the Flex series, they’ve continued to develop the Flex’s line up and expand the range of accessories and kits. Westcott is extremely proud of their relationship with their engineers, thankful for the success of this cuttingedge products, and are happy to announce that the Flex’s design was recently awarded the patent.

As always, Westcott is committed to offering unique and well-built equipment and we look forward to continuing our relationship with our team of pros and engineers to design gear that meets the growing demands of photographers and filmmakers.

“This is only the beginning of the Flex product line for Westcott. You’ll see many more enhancements and accessories to the system in the future.” President, Kelly Mondora.


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