VR: Passing fad or an opportunity for immersion?

Check out this article by Michael Burns where Rewind CEO Sol Rogers talks about how VR can be central to the cinematic experience.

If you think VR in TV and film is just another passing fad, Sol Rogers, CEO and founder of Rewind, would like to change your opinion.

“It is not a gimmick,” he affirms. “There’s serious investment from the major studios, and serious intent.”

Rogers, whose presentation on virtual reality was a major draw at last year’s IBC, is even more adamant now that the visceral experiences offered by VR can provide an exciting development for our industry.

It’s in the emerging genre of long-form VR ‘sideshows’ that Rogers sees most growth.

“Unlike traditional TV and film, where the composition is usually limited to a scene at a time orchestrated by the director and pulled together by editors, a director’s vision can now stretch much further,” he says.

This ranges from a character whose reaction is triggered when you turn to look at them, to music that directs your attention, and haptic feedback in the hardware itself.

All combine to further push the level of immersion says Rogers. But it’s not just additional context, there’s new content too.

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