Vizrt presents advanced analysis tools for the 2014 World Cup at Sportel Monaco

At Sportel Monaco – October 14th through 17th at the Grimaldi Forum Congress Center, Ravel Hall stand I09 – Vizrt presents several products to enhance how broadcasters and content owners analyze and display their 2014 World Cup coverage.

Interactive studio solution for the 2014 World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is fast approaching and at Sportel, Vizrt will display an interactive package that covers all aspects of a studio show for the tournament. Using interactive elements via touchscreen or iPad, guide your viewers through the tournament with pre-game statistics and lineups, in-game analysis and post-game discussions. The interactive solution can be combined together with Viz Libero, the leading 3d analysis tool for sports.

The interactive solution includes 3D models of the 12 Brazilian stadiums hosting the 2014 World Cup. The 3D stadium graphics were created by Rakete, a 3D animation specialist in Hamburg, Germany, which has contributed graphics and effects to animated movies, visual effects movies, and commercials since it was founded in 1994.
The interactive studio package and Viz Libero are single-box, turnkey solutions that are available for purchase or event-only rental.

The 2014 World Cup package includes:
• Multi-touch screen provided with rental package
• Team and player statistics with data providers Opta & Deltatre
• 3D stadium models and Brazil maps
• Tournament schedule and results
• Team formations
• Game highlights
• Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
• Viz Libero analysis integrated as additional option

Image-based camera tracking for live sports enhancements

At Sportel Monaco, Vizrt will also demonstrate a new live image-based camera tracking technology and integration with its live sports enhancement product Viz Arena. Based on state-of-the-art image processing technology that is also applied in Vizrt’s sports analysis system Viz Libero, Viz Arena tracks cameras in real-time based on a clean video feed. This makes it possible to apply graphics to the field without the need of mechanical tracking heads. Live sports enhancements include virtual advertisements, distance measurements, record lines, player pointers, team badges, or starting grids. Replay effects are possible using the new EVS integration.

The Harvester – Bridging studio and remote

Another new Vizrt technology showcased at Sportel Monaco is the Harvester: A component that enables studio access to multi-angle footage of a live production, seamlessly integrated with Viz Libero, Viz Engine, and Viz Media Engine in the broadcast center. The Harvester allows events to be logged of a sport game together with the desired camera angles – from the stands, the studio, or from home using a tablet or mobile device. Multi-angle footage will then be instantly encoded and transferred to the studio where it is directly ingested into Viz Libero for rapid and synchronized processing of 3D analysis. Multi-angle data can also be smoothly used by other Vizrt applications, such as Viz Engine for enhanced, multi-angle interactive highlights shows, or for archiving the multi-angle data with Viz Media Engine. As a one-box solution in a fully automatic workflow, the Harvester can be easily integrated into any existing OB truck.

Real-time, data-driven graphics in the studio, OB-van and control room

Viz Trio is the number one character generator (CG) for live televised sport events anywhere on the globe. It’s the system’s flexibility and the high level of built-in intelligence that set it apart. Standings and statistical data can easily be imported into the system or changed live while controls for scoreboards and other in-game graphics are easily in the operators reach. The lightweight interface makes it easy to control content from the OB Van or the control room, giving broadcasters high graphic performance to cover any sport.

Vizrt gives broadcasters the most advanced analysis tools available to make the most of their World Cup 2014 coverage. Learn more at the Vizrt booth in Ravel Hall stand I09. For further information please refer to