“Urban Movement” film shot with Nikon D5 Camera

In “Urban Movement,” Beijing-based photographer/filmmaker Stefen Chow and director Montague Fendt spends a few days documenting the daily workout routines of young men and women living in the Chinese capital. The resulting film is a testament to the capabilities of the Nikon D5, but also to the quietly inspirational lives of its stars: ordinary people who dedicate themselves to sport for their own fulfillment, rather than for competitions, fame or glory.

A dedicated Nikon shooter, Chow worked with a skeleton crew, carrying just the D5 and minimal equipment. Shot purely with available light, “Urban Movement” puts the camera’s performance to the test in a variety of lighting situations. “We ended up with a beautiful little film,” says Chow and Fendt. “The Nikon D5 was light, versatile and compact, great for shooting this sort of run-and-gun project.”