McDonalds Spot Shot on URSA and Edited and Graded in Resolve 12 by O2 Filmes

Blackmagic Design announced that Brazil based production and post house O2 Filmes shot a commercial airing across Brazil for McDonalds with Blackmagic URSA EF and Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. The spot was also the first project by O2 Filmes that was edited and graded entirely in DaVinci Resolve 12.


O2 Filmes is the largest production and post production house in Brazil, and creates a wide range of films, television shows and commercials aired around the world. The new McDonald’s spot, which is airing now, was the first project by O2 Filmes to be completely shot, edited and graded using only Blackmagic Design’s cameras and professional editing and color correction software.

With the help of DaVinci Resolve’s project sharing in particular, O2 colorists and editors were able to collaborate in realtime and meet the project’s quick turnaround of just three days from filming to distribution.


Paulo Barcellos, O2 Post Production general manager, commented on the value of having DaVinci Resolve editing as part of the workflow: “The quick transition from editing to grading without having to export to a different system was incredibly useful. Our editors are really craving an editor that better supports projects with a shorter timeframe, and Resolve fills that spot. It’s lack of bureaucracy allows editors and colorists to collaborate simultaneously in a project, saving a lot of time. And its editing tools are amazing, with some features, like Resolve’s dynamic trim tools, are the best we have used.


We also shot the spot 4K RAW on the URSA and Production Camera 4K, which DaVinci Resolve handles flawlessly. The RAW files gave our editors and colorists the comprehensive data they needed to produce a fantastic product and get it done on time.”

O2 Filmes’s massive 8,500 square meters of creative space, which is located in São Paulo, includes more than 70 Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio seats, which are used for color grading and editing. The O2 expansive client list features top projects that attract ‘A’ list freelance editors from all over the country, including one who worked on the McDonalds commercial.

Barcellos comments “Until the McDonalds spot, the freelance editor assigned to the project had actually not edited a project with DaVinci Resolve. But thanks to the way Blackmagic Design has organized the interface and built out the capabilities, all it took was a couple of hours for them to completely adapt and begin editing. This was a very pleasant surprise!”

DaVinci Resolve 12 is now shipping and is the only software that lets customers edit, grade and finish projects all in a single tool.


McDonalds Spot Shot on URSA and Edited and Graded in Resolve 12 by O2 Filmes