Turkey’s Yüksek Giriş Sitcom Filmed Exclusivel​y on Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Blackmagic Design announced the ambitious new Turkish character comedy Yüksek Giriş [High Ground] has been shot on three Blackmagic Cinema Cameras and graded on DaVinci Resolve by Istanbul based Global Produksiyon. Directed by Isa Yildiz and co written with Burcu Mina, Yüksek Giriş premiered on television network ATV.

Season one of Yüksek Giriş is made up of ten 50 minute episodes. The basic premise of the comedy series is that two lazy students from different parts of Turkey move to Istanbul to study medicine. Housemates Cesur and Kirve have little in common until two attractive girls move in next door and the pair soon forget their studies in favor of charming the new neighbors.

The sitcom uses a more saturated color palette than its contemporaries in the same genre, creating a greater harmony between the various sets. A factor in that decision was the television networks own broadcast standards. Increasing saturation during the grade allows the colorist to bring out some of the more vibrant colors, giving the whole series a much brighter feel.

Cinematographer Muratcan Gökçe was brought in as a technical consultant during pre production. “I was already sold on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. It offers amazing dynamic range and a film like quality in a small, lightweight form factor that is affordable. I really felt it could offer something unique to this production.”

“Looking to give the show a filmic quality, we tested a number of cameras including the EF version of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. After some discussion everyone agreed that filming of three promotional trailers should be done using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera paired with a series of Carl Zeiss ZE prime lenses,” reveals Gökçe, who was also the lead cameraman.

“It really was a flawless experience. We shot everything in 10-bit ProRes 422. The edit was carried out in Avid Media Composer and the grade was done on DaVinci Resolve. When the director and production company saw the finished trailers they instantly fell in love with the image quality and decided there and then to shoot the opening series using Blackmagic Design.”

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