Total Momentum Productions Fund First Georgia-Based Film Maker; Announces Slate of Family-Friendly Films with Tammy’Dele Films

Georgia-based film and TV production company Total Momentum Productions, LLC, (TM) is pleased to announce it has completed an agreement to fund a slate of independent films with Georgia-based film company Tammy’Dele Films (TDF).

TM, headed by prominent businessmen Ceasar Richbow and Michael Robinson, specialize in the development, financing, and production of a variety of independent film and television projects boasting an impressive infrastructure that houses a top-caliber crew with state-of-the-art equipment.

The films, to be directed by Tammy’Dele founder and principal Tammy Williams, will focus on family-friendly content. The initial slate will be comprised of three films, Dempsey The Dog, Rescue Sal, and Ernie & Cerbie (“Ernie and Cerbie” trailer), the first to be released the fourth quarter of 2017.

TDF is a full-service production company creating programming for all media platforms. With a proficient creative team, editing facilities and various camera packages, TDF create quality entertainment, educational and inspirational shows.

“Tammy’Dele had a shared vision of projects we wanted on our slate for 2017, states Robinson. “A very creative director, Tammy exceeded our operating expectations from start to finish of Ernie and Cerbie. From casting, crew hires, to setting up the pre-production office, and other director responsibilities, she was hands-on.”

The TM business model is to help fund and green light Georgia-based filmmakers with completed scripts, budgets, and a strong production team. TD Films have proven the model as they have completed scripts, budgets, and global-distribution of three projects in post-production.

“We expect our partnership with Tammy’Dele to continue to flourish through the production of additional family-based projects in the future, and that we will continue to be trendsetters in both film and television,” adds Richbow.

Because Georgia is a film-friendly and camera-ready state, the opportunities are endless for Total Momentum. With their eye on family-friendly films that make a difference in people’s lives and the forecast for continued growth ahead, Total Momentum will continue to align themselves with fruitful partnerships to create opportunities for the Georgia community while staying true to their intent and vision.

With this partnership, both companies have created jobs for, and added to, the Georgia community and film industry.

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