Tiffen DFX Webinars with Digital Artist Nik Sargent

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Specialized Workflow Series with Nik Sargent

September 11th 2013* Fine Art and Fantasy with Dfx featuring Landscape Workflow with Nik Sargent

In Nik’s last webinar on portraiture attendees learned about the array of filters, easy-to-use masking tools and practical workflow techniques to develop stunning portraits. In this webinar Nik will share his special workflow techniques to create artistic landscapes. Just like a brush on canvas, Nik uses his editing tools along with Tiffen Dfx Software to create a moment in time. Learn how these tools can help create your own special look.

Nik Sargent, is a long time Tiffen ImageMaker, a photographer and digital artist, particularly specializing in fine-art contemporary portrait and landscape photography. He especially loves creating images with a “fairy tale” feel, or anything imaginative and artistic.He has been taking photos ever since winning an Instamatic camera as a young 6-year old child.

Nik grew up in the open and unspoiled surroundings of the Scottish Highlands, so inevitably a love affair with Scotland’s staggering landscapes and colors began there, along with an understanding of composition and light forms. Over the years he’s developed a style that pushes the boundary between photography and art while transitioning into fine art portraiture.

Join and explore the fundamentals of Tiffen Dfx as a Photo plug-in and as a Standalone. Learn some of Nik’s workflow techniques and digital recipes as well as the use of these Tiffen Dfx tools to break out of the traditional and into true artistic expression.

The 3 webinars will focus on Portraiture, Landscape and Nik’s specialty, Fantasy and Fairytales.

Tiffen will be giving away a choice of free standalone or photo plug-in Tiffen Dfx software license to one lucky attendee for each of Nik’s webinars.

Spaces are limited.

September 4th  No webinar scheduled for this week

September 11th 2pm*

Fine Art and Fantasy withTiffen Dfx featuring Landscape and Scenics with Nik Sargent

September 18th 2pm*

Fine Art and Fantasy with Tiffen Dfx, Creating a Fairytale Look with Nik Sargent

*EST -Eastern Standard Time

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