The Vitec Group Brands and Products on Display at CAPER 2018

Litepanels: Gemini 2×1 Soft Panel
At CAPER 2018, Litepanels will showcase Gemini, the industry’s most accurate and versatile 2×1 soft panel. Gemini can be set up in an instant to begin producing true, flicker-free, full-spectrum white light for any frame rate, shutter angle, or intensity, making it perfect for high-speed photography and live productions. With Gemini’s correlated color temperature (CCT) mode, users can get accurate color rendition across the entire 360-degree spectrum and fine-tune +/- green at the turn of a dial. An all-new lighting effects mode offers dynamic effects ranging from emergency lights, lightning, and fire to pulsing, square, and strobe.

The versatile Gemini has a lightweight design that allows the light to be rigged virtually anywhere, requiring less cabling because the power supply is built-in. This production-friendly soft panel delivers full-intensity, mobile-powered operation with Anton/Bauer’s Cine VCLX battery.

Litepanels: Astra LED Panels
Litepanels’ next-generation Astra family of LED panels continues to build on the quality and popularity of the company’s first 1×1 panel. The Astra 6X LED light offers a 50 percent increase in output and is six times brighter than the original panel. The Astra 6X is available in both daylight or bi-color models, both of which will be on display at CAPER 2018.

The Astra Bi-Focus Daylight is the newest addition to the popular Astra family, giving users the ability to adjust from a 48-degree flood to a 15-degree concentration of light with the turn of a dial. Astra’s high-performance LEDs and optics provide professional lighting designers with accurate color temperatures, high CRI/TLCI color rendering, and beautiful light quality. The Astra family’s modular design features optional DMX and Bluetooth communication modules, along with V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plates for mobile power when AC power is not available.

Litepanels: Sola LED Fresnel Panels
Also on display at CAPER 2018 will be Litepanels’ daylight-balanced Sola 4+ and Sola 6+ LED Fresnel lights, which combine all the benefits of today’s LED technology with the light-shaping, single-shadow properties of a traditional Fresnel. Ideal for studio and on-location lighting requirements, the Sola 6+ is now 50 percent brighter than the previous version, while the Sola 4+ is now more than 120 percent brighter than its predecessor. The entire Sola LED range features Litepanels’ proprietary, heat-free LED technology and offers full-spectrum-quality light at a small fraction of the power of conventional Fresnel fixtures. In addition, Sola lights give lighting designers complete control over aspects such as focus and intensity, all from a centralized control board.

Vinten and Sachtler: flowtech100 Carbon-Fibre Tripod
flowtech100 is the newest addition to the award-winning flowtech carbon-fibre tripod range, introduced just last month at IBC2018. Compatible with all major 100mm fluid heads, flowtech100 supports a payload of up to 30 kilograms (66 pounds), making it the ideal tripod for heavy-duty electronic newsgathering, electronic field production, and a wide range of wildlife, commercial, and documentary productions.

Like flowtech75, flowtech100 is based on an exclusive carbon-fibre technology that includes the world’s fastest-deploying tripod legs. With unique quick-release brakes conveniently located at the top of the tripod, the flowtech100 legs can be deployed simultaneously and adjust automatically to the ground’s surface — saving operators from having to bend over and manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg. The exceptional torsional stiffness of flowtech100 ensures that the tripod will not twist during camera-panning movements.

Both flowtech75 and flowtech100 will be on display and available for hands-on demonstrations throughout CAPER 2018.

Vinten: Vantage Robotic Camera Head with μVRC (microVRC) Controller
Vinten’s Vantage is a compact and lightweight robotic camera head that offers unmatched flexibility and broadcast-quality movement and control at the same price point as a traditional pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera head. Vantage enables customers to choose the camera and lens that meet their requirements, and it supports a wide range of pro-video camcorders from a variety of manufacturers including Canon and Sony, as well as both full-servo and manual lens types.

The μVRC controller allows studios and venues of any size to control high-end robotics and third-party PTZs. This cost-effective, modular version of the control software allows smaller budgets to leverage Vantage with a wide variety of cameras and lenses for unmatched flexibility in content creation and broadcast-quality movement and control. When paired with the Vantage, the μVRC offers a complete robotic broadcast production solution.

Company Quote:

“In partnership with Sistemas de Video Comunicación, we are pleased to feature a variety of products from across many of our brands that are designed for the professional audiovisual and broadcast industries. The Gemini soft panel, Astra and Sola LEDs, Vantage robotic head, and our all-new flowtech100 tripod will on be on display throughout CAPER 2018. Television producers, DPs, camera operators, lighting professionals, and audiovisual teams can incorporate any of our gear into their existing production workflows to help them capture beautiful images and produce exceptional content.”
— Marco Brea, Regional Sales Manager, Latin America, Vitec Production Solutions

A Snapshot of The Vitec Group plc

Vitec is a leading global provider of premium branded products and solutions to the fast moving and growing “image capture and content creation” market.

Vitec’s customers include broadcasters, independent content creators, photographers and enterprises, and our activities comprise: design, manufacture and distribution of high performance products and solutions including camera supports, camera mounted electronic accessories, robotic camera systems, prompters, LED lights, mobile power, monitors, bags and noise reduction equipment.

We employ around 1,700 people across the world in 11 different countries and are organised in three Divisions: Imaging Solutions, Production Solutions and Creative Solutions.

The Vitec Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange with 2017 adjusted revenue* of £378.1 million.

More information can be found at:

LEI number: 2138007H5DQ4X8YOCF14

* Revenue from continuing and discontinued operations

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