Telestream Focuses on Enterprise-Scale Live Streaming Ecosystems at IBC 2017

Telestream® (stand 7.B26), a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, will use IBC 2017 to showcase end-to-end live streaming solutions, strategic advances in video encoding and transcoding systems, and the latest developments in Cloud-based enterprise services.

In its first fully integrated exhibit since acquiring IneoQuest and Vidcheck, Telestream will highlight how these acquisitions extend and enrich the Telestream media production and distribution ecosystem from the point of content ingest right up to the point of consumption on traditional and mobile devices. IneoQuest is the global leader in video quality monitoring and analytics solutions for content distribution across managed and unmanaged networks, while Vidchecker is recognized as a leading automated QC solution within file-based production workflows. Vidchecker system solutions are used by broadcasters, facilities and content owners worldwide, such as ITV, BBC, CBS and many others.

A key focus for Telestream at IBC 2017 will be spotlighting the live streaming and VOD space, which has grown from relatively small-scale streaming operations to enterprise-scale delivery to multiple OTT platforms. The company is a pioneer in the development of live streaming solutions with over nine years development experience in its Wirecast Live Streaming Production Software, which boasts more than 40,000 active licence holders worldwide. This year, Telestream will showcase its latest developments in high-end enterprise-scale streaming solutions, including its Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture and the IneoQuest ABR Headend, Edge and End-to-End monitoring solutions which, altogether, enable Telestream customers to stream any content to any audience, at any level of resolution, with assurance that it is meeting the highest quality standards.

“Telestream streaming solutions are designed for the ever-expanding ecosystem in which they operate,” explains Scott Murray, VP Marketing at Telestream. “As audiences are moving to more viewing platforms, it is paramount that content distributors are armed with technology to reach those customers wherever they are. They must ensure their programming is both available in and optimized to each viewing window at the highest quality while preserving rights agreements. With the latest enhancements to our Lightspeed Live products, broadcasters and content distributors are empowered with tools that seamlessly orchestrate the video workflow, delivering the right program at the right time with the right policy to the audience. IneoQuest solutions give distributors a window into the media lifecycle to ensure quality is maintained at every step along the distribution chain.”

Major new versions of Lightspeed Live debuted at IBC
At IBC 2017, Telestream will introduce to the European market the latest major new version of Lightspeed Live Stream which brings broadcasts and OTT together in the live space. Lightspeed Live Stream is the company’s enterprise-scale live streaming platform, developed to provide fully produced, high value, premium content OTT to end users watching on their device of choice. Lightspeed Live Stream recognizes SCTE 35/104 triggers and enables industry standard server side and edge ad supported live services for programmatic ad-insertion and content replacement. With this feature, distributors can respect content rights and monetize more viewing windows. UHD and HDR support provides a premium solution today and a future proof investment.

At IBC, Telestream will highlight its strategic partnership with Unified Streaming, a pioneer of smart video streaming technologies to offer Unified Streaming’s Origin as an option to Lightspeed Live Stream for an extended format and DRM (Digital Rights Management) support. The combined solution provides just-in-time packaging of Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streams (HDS), Apple HTTP Live Streams (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streams (MSS) and MPEG-DASH formats, coupled with the most comprehensive DRM support available. This solution ensures that broadcasters and content owners no longer have to worry about ad-blockers cutting into online revenue.

Another European first for IBC is the latest major new version of Lightspeed Live Capture, which provides encoding of real-time SD, HD and UHD into all of the common high-quality mezzanine formats in use worldwide, while simultaneously supplying a streaming proxy for each channel being processed. This integrated hardware and software appliance combines multiple CPU and GPU cores as well as targeted ASIC CODEC acceleration to deliver flexible and efficient encoding performance.

But Telestream’s view of the market is not just about the big events. Telestream Wirecast Live Streaming Production Software offers production capability and streaming for a broad diversity of events, leveraging Facebook, YouTube and other streaming platforms to create compelling streamed data.  Support for NDI protocol enables video content to be transferred to and from Wirecast over standard IP networks.

Since 2004, Telestream’s focus in the live streaming space has centered on three core competencies: encoding and transcoding, including media compression for video and audio; partner integrations that enable best-of-breed workflows; and unprecedented commercial live streaming expertise. Being able to provide live streaming infrastructure, production capability and services to make it all work means content owners and event producers can look to Telestream to fulfil all facets of their streaming media vision and business model.

Vantage Elastic Domain
This IBC, Telestream will introduce Vantage Elastic Domain, a new scaling model that allows users to deploy instances of Telestream’s Vantage media processing software easily and dynamically based on changing business needs.  The industry leading content production workflow orchestration solution can now run on public and private virtualized infrastructure with a multi-node orchestration engine that intelligently capitalizes on the flexibility of virtual infrastructure. Elastic Domain can execute and scale based on the current state of the domain, managing the Vantage database and controlling worker nodes.  Vantage Elastic Domain offers flexible licensing that allows the system to expand during peak demand, while retaining a predictable base cost of perpetual licenses for standard operational levels.

Telestream Cloud
Increasing numbers of broadcasters and facilities are looking to exploit the potential efficiencies and cost savings that Cloud-based services offer, however many are still sceptical about the risks associated with off-premises content security and SLA (Service Level Agreement) uptime for critical workflows.

The latest developments in Telestream Cloud mean that customers have a straightforward decision: whether to base their workflows on premises or in Cloud-based operations.

At IBC 2017, Telestream will showcase the latest advances in Telestream Cloud, a video encoding SaaS (software as a service) ideally suited to meet the needs of video production and post production professionals.  Telestream Cloud extends the reach of encoding capabilities to a wider audience seeking Telestream quality encoding, while offering cloud-encoding scalability for current users. New at IBC, Telestream will demonstrate quality control solutions and auto-transcription services to support captioning and subtitling applications.