Switronix Releases Power Solutions for Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera

Switronix releases the new PocketBase, an extended power solution for the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The PocketBase allows you to power the camera up to 5hrs with two LP-E6 type batteries, while simultaneously charging the removable internal battery. By keeping the internal battery inside the Pocket Camera during operation, you can then hotswap the attached LP-E6 batteries within the PocketBase for continuous camera operation.

The PocketBase includes a 1/4-20 thumbscrew for attaching it to the bottom of the camera and has three 1/4-20 threads for mounting to a tripod or a rail system. It is a lightweight design yet durable with a power cable that extends to 24″.

The PocketBase is an all-metal enclosure designed to last through all facets of production. The camera power cable tucks in nicely for camera mounted application, but will also extend up to 24″ for rail mounting. With the ability to hotswap batteries you can continue production without interruptions. Weighing in at less then 1 lb., the PocketBase is an integral accessory for all your Pocket Camera powering needs.

There are two different options with the Pocketbase. The # PKT-BASE as the base unit and the # PKT-BASEK has the PocketBase battery holder plus 2 SL-E6 batteries and charger.


Switronix is also releasing the BMPC-EXT, which is a 6″ or 24″ BlackMagic Pocket Camera conversion cable. It will convert any Switronix BMCC product to work with the Pocket Camera. The PocketBase is made entirely in the USA. For more information, visit http://www.switronix.com.

Size: 6″ x 2.25″ x 1 5/8″
Weight: 0.95 lbs