Summer Editorial Internship: Advance Your Career with HD Pro Guide Magazine

Are you an aspiring writer looking to gain valuable experience and get published in the industry? The Summer Editorial Internship with and HD Pro Guide Magazine is the perfect opportunity for you!

To apply for the Summer Editorial Internship program, please copy and paste your resume, cover letter, and professor’s reference in the body of your email and send via Please don’t send attachments, as they will be deleted. Remember to have your professor’s reference email address associated with your school, college, or university.

This internship program is for college credit only, providing you with a valuable addition to your academic resume. As a Summer Editorial Intern, you’ll work closely with experienced editors and writers to create engaging content for HD Pro Guide Magazine’s online and print platforms. You can choose to intern onsite, remotely, or in a hybrid format, depending on your preference and availability. This means you’ll have the chance to develop your research, writing, and editing skills, gaining practical experience and insights into the latest industry trends, techniques, and solutions. Plus, your work will be published on our online and print platforms, giving you the chance to showcase your talents and build your professional portfolio with published clips.

But that’s not all. As a Summer Editorial Intern with and HD Pro Guide Magazine, you’ll also have the opportunity to network with industry professionals, building valuable connections and relationships that can help you advance your career. You’ll receive constructive feedback and guidance from experienced mentors, helping you refine your skills and techniques even further.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to gain hands-on experience, get published, and advance your career in the world of writing and journalism. Apply now for the Summer Editorial Internship with and HD Pro Guide Magazine and take the first steps towards a successful career in the industry.