Steadicam Intensive “Big Rig Workshop”: Only 3 Seats Left – Register Now!


Don’t Miss this Hands-On 7-Day Intensive Steadicam Workshop with lead instructor Jerry Holway and participation by Garrett Brown, Steadicam inventor.

Lake Arrowhead Classic Workshop

March 10th  –  March 16th, 2013

If you’re a new or prospective Steadicam operator, there’s no better way to get up and running than by attending one of our Steadicam Workshops. Even experienced Steadicam operators register to learn the latest innovations and techniques.

Tiffen has already hosted numerous Steadicam workshops to educate the future Steadicam operators of the world. These workshops are both useful for the potential Steadicam purchaser and the Steadicam operator just starting out. With the rising popularity of Steadicam Camera Stabilizing Systems, especially in the Video industry, these Steadicam workshops prove to be an invaluable hands-on experience.

Learn all the basic Steadicam techniques and become familiar with related accessories. In addition, you will learn how to market yourself as a “specialist.”


• Flying the Rig

• Details of sled, arm and vest

• Vehicle Mount Use of ultra long post feature for super low mode and super high mode

• Balance of the Steadicam. Dynamic and Static Balance

• Running work on stairs and uneven surfaces

• Operating from both sides. (Left and Right side Steadicam)

• Compositional skills and techniques

• Integration of accessories: Follow Focus, on-board recording, HD/SD

• Evening discussions of shots, screening clips and deconstructing shot design

• Operator’s Night

• And much, much more!

Lake Arrowhead Classic Workshop

Dates: March 10th – 16th, 2013


UCLA Lake Arrowhead Conference Center

850 Willow Creek Road

Lake Arrowhead, CA

(909) 337-2478

Lead instructor: Jerry Holway.

Participation by Garrett Brown, Steadicam inventor.


Full size Professional Steadicam “BIG” Rigs.

Price: $3500

Limited to 20 students – Register Now!



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